Any games where the mc runs a criminal organization?

I would prefer it being a finished game but wip games are fine too.

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I do not know if you can lead the organization but you can become a part of it. It is called Breach: The Archangel Job, if you do not know of it.


Life of a Mobster is an older HG publication where the MC is part of the mob. Spoilers. In one of the endings, the MC can be the head of the Mob.


Blood Money


I still havent got that ending up to this day lol.

Although you are not the head of the family (yet) you can become the head of the family and become the leader of the family mob in blood money


There are options in Hero or Villain to build a comment criminal empire…

I agree that Blood Money is a good one, basically running a magic-infused mob in the old days.

Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality is all about organizing a prison break.

The Martian job and Thieves Gambit: The curse of the Black Cat are heist games where you assemble a crew and steal a ton of money and valuables.

Diabolical has you play a supervillain that acquires henchmen and ‘sidekicks’.

NOLA is burning is a bizarre game where you are an assassin for the mob who has one last chance to take out his boss.

Vampire the Masquerade: Night Road has you working for, but not running, a criminal organization.

Metahuman Inc. is a corporate simulator that lets you do shady things if you want.

Tally Ho! and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale have, I think, several options to become a thief (not sure on these)


I think demon recollect have a criminal empire path as well

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The ending is pretty easy ngl, i can help you get the boss of bosses.

Sucks that I already played it, I should have specified the games I played, but thanks for the help.

I’ll check it out, thanks.

You have a good choice in games friend, i’ve already beaten it though :frowning:

Few of these games i haven’t played but most i have, i will check them out.

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Loved that game, already played it, i have replayed it,14 times though. but thank you.


I’m gonna check out blood money for sure.

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Can you give me tips how?

Also you might want to check Bootlegger. It’s a W.I.P. and it’s set during the Prohibition era.

In addition to those already recommended,
Welcome to moreytown allows you to take over a local gang and has a variety of criminal activity and so on included throughout.
Most of the Heros rise games provide for some interactions with criminal organizations although as far as I can remember none of them actually allow you to take over or start your own criminal empire.
Choice of robots: (might have already read this one, in which case I apologize wasting your time). If not its based around your invention of a world changing robot. After that it follows your creation of a major company and just your life in general. In addition to this it also allow you to pursue a wide range of things seceding from the united states or devoting your robots to the us military’s just to name a few.
Its extremely well written and highly enjoyable to read.
Fallen hero rebirth: Is the story for your rise to power as a would be villain. It is admittedly less about building or running a criminal empire as it is about your rise as an individual criminal. so, might not be exactly what your looking for. It is well written and personally I’d definitely recommend a read.
I cyborg, once again doesn’t necessary allow you to run a criminal organization as much as participate in a few and potentially take over on of them by the end of the book if your interested, and is well written too.

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The sequel of Fallen Hero lets you run a criminal empire, but there is no release date yet.

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