Compiling Images

Is there any way to include images in the compiled html file? I found some old threads about it and the answer seems to be know but I’m hoping that has changed since.

You can, you however will need a service like Photobucket or your own server to do so.

Simply upload the image file to aforementioned service and then get the direct link to the file (which, since it’s an image, will end with and image file extension (.bmp, .jpg, .png etc.) and replace the image in the *image command with the direct link, so instead of

*image interestingpicture.jpg

it’d be



Would imgur work? (characters)

It should, so long as it’s a direct link.

perfect, thanks. I tried and it works well

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That isn’t compiling, it’s just getting the files from a server rather than the local file system, which is fine, but if you want the images to be truly included in the game file (so they work offline) you’ll have to follow the method outlined here: Formatting in choicescript

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Oh okay, thanks for the info