Need some help with implementing images

Hey everyone,

At the moment I am trying to insert some images in my game for clarification of certain battles.
See example below.

I am able to insert the image with the line
*image Naamloos1.png

It works fine when I test it. But because the image is on my computer it doesn’t work when I compile the game.

Is there a way I can make it work?
(And if so, would you be willing to tell me how?)
((Please tell me :grin: ))

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been having this problem too, but couldn’t find anything useful. Hope someone answers.

Images don’t work with compiled games, only locally stored games.

If displaying images would be crucial for the beta testing stage (as they appear to be in this case), rather than just eye candy as is normally the case, then it’s perhaps worth considering a free web host like

Another possibility is that a few weeks ago @Flurrywinde11 offered to host WIPs on his server if the compile option isn’t suitable for some reason. He offered to set up an FTP account so authors can upload individual files rather than a compiled version, which would allow images to be displayed in-game. If you’re lucky, and if he’s still feeling generous, this sounds like the ideal solution for yours and similar WIPs where images play a key role.

Im not entirely sure if this suggestion will work because I haven’t used an image but when you went to compile it, did you try to add the picture to the list of files to be compiled?

Thanks for your reactions so far.

@gkkiller So far it would seem you are right. (Hope you are proud of yourself :cry: )

@Silverstone I don’t think it’s possible to add it when you compile. It makes a txt file from all the attachments. So I couldn’t make that work.

@Vendetta Guess I can try to host my game from a website. Although you don’t want to know how long it took me to figure out dropbox :smile:

For a second I thought I had a good idea and post the image in dropbox and use the link to get the picture. But didn’t work. Well, it only works half. You get the broken image logo, but when you use right mouse botton and chose to watch the image it opens. But sends you to another screen. You can go back to the game again if you use the return botton though. So close :confused:

Ok, well I will keep trying, and if someone has a good suggestion, I would love to hear it.

I think Divided we fall, used the images. try asking Alex Clifford

Yes, my offer to give any author an FTP site on my server ( still stands. You could use it to host your uncompiled games or even a whole website.

Also, I think I found a way to make images hosted on dropbox work. Just add “?raw=1” (without the quotes) to the end of the dropbox link. For example, change:

https: //


https: //

I got this technique from: , and haven’t tested it myself. Let me know if it works! Looks like a fun game you’re making.


Well, when I try to compile the game it seems to work. So thanks for all your help, really appriciate it.
@Flurrywinde11 the link you gave me was perfect, just needed to change the adres from

So once again, thanks for all the comments and help.

since you only see the picture, I ment:” but without the qoutes