What type of images (png;jpg etc.) are supported in Choice Script

What type of inages(png, jpg etc.) are supported in ChoiceScript? I used some png images and after the build the images don’t appear.

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PNG is supported by ChoiceScript. What are you using to run your code?

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What do you mean, I ambusing ChoiceScript IDE, I make the build, then I open the game as an HTML and the images won’t show(P.S: the code is right, no issues, appear an icon of image, but nit the image)

Are your images in the same folder as your text files?

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Yeah, I made everything right, very bizarre. But can yiu tell me how to make the file .exe, I need a convertor or something, because I don’t want to release a game as an HTML.

If you’re publishing though HG PNG’s are the prefered format. If having trouble, try uploading the files and images for hosting on dashingdons for a wip. If you want to host elsewhere, either you’ll need the images hosted online, or you can use cside to turn images into scene files and them compile as an html file to run independently.


If it’s the same folder as the .txt files, you have to detail the directory in the command, eg: *image scenes/pic.png center.

On .exe file, I’m not sure if the downloadable CS package allows .exe compiling. Since the game itself runs on HTML code, I don’t think doing .exe is worth the time unless you plan on publishing the game on your own.