I can't get an image to display


I’ve been getting really frustrated at trying to get an image file to display in my game.
I’ve tried:

*image bubble_city.jpeg
*image bubble_city.jpg
*image image_bubble_city.jpeg
*image image_bubble_city.jpg
*image image_bubble
*image bubble.png
*image image_bubble.pgn

The jpeg or png file has been correctly placed in the mygame folder where all my files are. I’ve tried it also by putting the same file in the scenes folder with the same thing happening.

I keep getting a little box with a [?]

The file is pretty damn small at about 90kb.

What am I doing wrong?

Is your issue with dashingdon?

Have you looked through? (I’d search the thread for images/pictures and then see if there’s a solution).

I don’t use Dashingdon so I don’t know the exact fix. When I used dropbox I didn’t compile my games, and the images were one folder up from the scenes file.

I’ve searched through all of the threads that contained the word image.

That’s how I was able to try using *image bubble_png or jpg instead of just jpeg.

I can’t get the image to display at all - outside of Dashingdon. I’m trying to add it in my chronicler program. I asked on the chronicler thread if the program supported images and I got an affirmative yes, it does.

Which command above is supposed to work correctly?

What is the name of your image file?

I’ve tried


No. Go to the image file you are uploading. What is the file called?

Actually can you drag the image here and upload it, that should tell me?

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Okay it’s telling me it’s called bubble.jpg.jpg

You could probably edit the file name to just bubble.jpg

As things are though use

*image bubble.jpg.jpg


Thank you. That got it to work. Was driving me crazy for the last few hours. Appreciate it.

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I’m curious though - why would it need two extensions? Do you have your windows showing the extensions at the end each of file or is it something you tried to do to change the picture form whatever format to jpeg?

Ah, I had read in the help that the file had to be renamed name.jpeg.
I don’t think the extra jpg is needed. Still learning this stuff.

If you still have any problems, try adding left, center, or right at the end of the image placement line.

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