Image display problem

I’m having problems displaying images in my game. I’ve done it before, no problem, but now the images are appearing in the wrong place.

The code is like this:

  #View Staff
    [b]The current members of your team are:[/b]
    *image beatrice_img.JPG
    Beatrice Shallot: Psychologist
    *if thomas = "Wynne"
      *image wynne_img.JPG
    *if thomas != "Wynne"
      *image thomas_img.JPG
    ${Thomas} ${Jeffers}: Head Science Adviser
    *if (year <10)
      *image marlon_img.JPG
      Marlon Canter: Military Adviser
    *if (year >9)
      image art_img.JPG
      Art Johnson: Military Adviser
    *if (year <9)
      *image damien_img.JPG
      Damien McBride: Economics Adviser
    *if ((year >3) and (edward_dead = false))
      image edward_img.jpg
      Edward Stripe: Computer Technician
    *if ((year >3) and (karen_dead = false))
      image karen_img.jpg
      Karen Stripe: Key technician
    *if (year >12)
      image sally_img.JPG
      Sally Albright: Government Liaison Officer
    *if ((year >7 )and(year<11 ))
      image binny_img.jpg
      Binny Lumsden: Intern
    *if (year > 10)
      image binny_img.jpg
      Binny ${Lumsden}: Receptionist
    *page_break Return
    *goto stats_start

What should be displayed is an image, followed by their name and job title.
This is then repeated for each person.

However, what I’m getting is this:

(Click the image to see the full problem)
Can anyone shed any light as to why and how to fix it?

Extra information:
-This is in choicescript_stats if that makes a difference.
-The image is zoomed out and for reference only - it doesn’t appear that small in the game.

Make certain you are using the latest version of ChoiceScript. When we changed some of the behind the scenes code to create a better experience for visually impaired users, it created a few bugs with display order. I believe this was one of the bugs.

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That might explain it, but the error happens on both my PC and Dashingdon. The version I’m using is 1-2 months old.

I’ll update when I can get to a PC and check.

I’ve recently updated with the latest CS version so if that’s the issue it should be working on the site now.

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The problem is still on Dashingdon now. It’s going to be a little longer before I can check mine.

After updating Choicescript again, the problem is now corrected off-line. Dashingdon needs to be updated to the most recent Choicescript as well as the error is still happening there. (Last test, just now, after clearing the cache first).

Okay, I have updated files on again with the latest from github. I didn’t know there had been another update but there were a few changes in the files that I saw. So hopefully this display issue is rectified. Let me know if not.

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Is there a good way for me to keep you notified of changes? Github has an RSS feed but that may not help you if you don’t use RSS.

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I can subscribe to that RSS. Thanks!