Help with images not displaying correctly with *stat_charts

I can’t figure out how to get the .png images to display correctly over the *stat_charts in my stats screen for Talon City. See attached pics. I’ve messed around with spacing and putting in *line_breaks but I can’t figure out the fix. Anyone have a suggestion?

Have you tried with the command *image?

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Try putting a *line_break command in between just like you did for the first two.

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I had that issue too. Had to just kind of work around it. Must be a bug from a CS patch in the last year or so.

I used *line_break and [n/] like @CC_Hill suggests.


Thanks for the suggestions, all! Much appreciated! I’ll keep messing around with line breaks. It’s just very frustrating that such a small detail has been so time consuming. If all else fails, I’ll do some Steam code-diving on some recently published games.