Problems with stat chart?


Hey guys,

Small problem with opposing pairs, one of the titles of a bar isn’t displayed. It just appears as a colon.

Is this because I’m using too many letters or because of a code issue?

Code that I used-

	opposed_pair Liberal 
	opposed_pair Cosmopolitan
	opposed_pair Progressive

Also if someone could tell me how to line break percentage bars that’d be awesome!

Much love.


@UnicornJesus As long as you created it in startup with a starting value, and indented it correctly in the stats like so:

	opposed_pair Liberal

it should display properly. As for line breaking percentage bars, I’m assuming you mean like a description below it? There used to be a way that you could do this:

	percent Liberal
		So Awesome

But that doesn’t seem to be supported anymore, though I’d be happy if @CJW or someone else corrected me on this. The closest I can get to work is something like this:

	text Name
	opposed_pair Liberal
Political Inclination
	opposed_pair Cosmopolitan
Other Stuff

I hope I was at least some help.


I think for line breaks,


should do the trick.


@Havenstone Didn’t work when I tried it on the stat screen. Maybe I did something wrong?


Created the variable in the start up and has a value but still won’t display properly, as for *line_break it won’t work under *stat_chart, choicescript gets angry if it doesn’t start with text percent or opposing_pair.


Huh. Well, here’s mine… Not sure how I’m using it differently?


@Havenstone The only thing I see different is that you have the *line_break nested in a *choice. Maybe it just doesn’t work if it thinks it’s under the stat chart?


Was a problem with indenting all along!
Thanks for the help guys

Edit:My indenting is at it should be but the problem has returned, ChoiceScript IDE doesn’t allow your opposing pairs for me Havenstone.

Anyone know why this has happened?


Havenstone’s code works just fine for me in the IDE:

The values are made up, but the opposing titles work correctly?


@UnicornJesus Could you post it here using the < pre>

 or post it to Dropbox with a link?



If you could tell me how to do those things then yes :slight_smile:


@UnicornJesus To insert it here, read this:

For dropbox I’ll just paste what it says on the wiki:

  1. Go on the Dropbox website.
  2. Click on the giant “Download Dropbox” button.
  3. Wait until Dropbox downloads, and then install it; it will prompt you sometime during the install to select a folder for Dropbox; select it wherever you want as there will be the place you will upload your game later.
  4. After you’ve installed Dropbox, go back on their website and register (i.e. make an account).
  5. After you’ve made an account and activated it, start Dropbox (the program you installed).
  6. On the bottom right of your screen, you will see a Dropbox icon; right click it and click Preferences.
  7. A window will pop up with several categories at the top of it. Click the menu “Account”.
  8. Here you can link your dropbox account to your PC; link it.
  9. Next you’ll need to enable the “Public folder” by going here.
  10. Then, all you need to do is navigate to the Dropbox folder you made during the installation; you can double-click on the Dropbox icon in the bottom right and it will open your Dropbox folder.
  11. Now, inside the Dropbox folder, you have a folder called “Public”. Enter that folder.
  12. Then, put your game’s “web” folder there (in the Public folder). Wait until it uploads it and then go to your “web” folder inside the “Dropbox” folder.
  13. Right-click either of your index.html files > Dropbox > Copy public link.
  14. Then, all you need to do is paste (Ctrl + V) and the link to your game will be pasted, and everyone that enters the link will start playing the game straight away!


quick question… how do you let a person choose thier own name?


@Prototype Something like this

*create Name ""
*create first_name ""
*create last_name ""

What is your first name?

*input_text first_name

What is your last name?

*input_text last_name

*set Name (first_name&" ")&last_name

Your name is ${Name}


	text Name 


oh easier than i though, thanks man