Image Help

I am trying to insert an image and I’ve tried .jpg and .png. both of them show up as a picture box, but one that shows the picture doesn’t exist.

*image die1.jpg

I’ve placed the image in the appropriate folder and I get no errors when testing.

So, what all image formats will choicescript allow and what’s up with my issue?

Well, I’ve figured out one part of it, but now I’m having a new issue.

When I use the CoG d/l script creation thing with all the test files in it. . . it doesn’t work at all - no picture placeholder. :frowning:

Welp, I fixed it. . . or rather CJW did.

I had the picture files in the Scene folder instead of mygame. teehee.

Now, what all formats are allowed? .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp?

Okay, a new question:

How do I get the images to show side-by-side in one line? Is that possible?

Welp, figured that one on my own. lol.

Please close this thread when you get around to it. Thanks!!!