Breach - Crime Thriller WIP (updated 31/03/16)


Ookay… so, about a few weeks ago, I found my old short stories, and decided to expand on it. I JUST started working with Choice Script with the help of @AlyssaMalyssa, and a best friend.

Demo is coming in about a few weeks or so… this won’t be a BIG game, but it’s sure as hell will be a very hard one to make (in terms of story)… it’s not long… it’s wide…

First note, I won’t be focusing much on gameplay. Mainly focusing on story, Immersion, Freedom of choice, the little things, the big things, places where Alyssa might be hiding when I want her to edit, et cetera

Second note, I JUST started so this is gonna take a LONG time… also… I’m still young, and quite busy with education and such… Criminal Psychology is a pain in the butt…

Last note, alright… so… this will be my FIRST EVER TRY at using CHOICE SCRIPT… or ANY programming language for that matter… except C++, I’ve used that damn thing some time ago for some batch stuff… also… I’m a novice writer, and English is NOT my native language… so expect bad grammar and such…

==PLOT==(may contain spoiler… or not :smiling_imp: read at your own risk)
Alright, ever watched Ocean’s Eleven through Thirteen in one night? oh… no?.. well… neither did I! *kicks back Ocean’s Trilogy DVDs under the bed

well, this is not as badass as that. We’re not gonna be robbing casinos… yet…

Breach (working title):The Archangel Job
Ookay, so… in here, you can choose who you are… are you a cop? undercover, trying to figure out the identity of the core members of the notorious crew working in Eastern states of the US… known as “The Archangel Crew”… as a detective, your job is to infiltrate the crew, and gather intelligence, carefully not to be exposed or ratted out…


are you criminal? on the run, trying to gain enough money to get away from the cops. your last job didn’t really fare well for you and your own crew. after leaving them behind, you have yourself another job, with another crew, The Archangel Crew. your goal is simple, get money, maybe even start your own crew again, or get out of the criminal life for good… and hope you don’t die doing so…

Are you a Jim Carrey? A Handy Manny? An Jug o’nut? An Anonymous? Or a Michael Schumacher?
(if you understand all of that… GOOD!.. if not… explanation below)
Are you a Crowd Controller? An Engineer? A Heavy Lifter? A Hacker? or a Driver?

Choose your role, Choose your goal… and survive… :slightly_smiling: … this gon’ be goooood…

DEMO(17-February-2015 -=Posted at 1 AM in the morning… :sleepy:)

BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATED! 2-October-2018!) (700k+ Word)

Could have fooled me…


Or people have reported less hassle using it and the owner is a CoG forum regular :slightly_smiling:


Ookay… I’m gonna be using DashingDon then… went to the site, looks neat, clean, and Easy



… here’s a little secret about me… :sunglasses:

…Not only was I trained in theatricality and deception (Dramas, and plays) … My Teacher was a retired Con-artist…


The criminal path sounds amazing. I don’t know the exact scope you’re going for, still, but (whispers) will we get to choose exactly how we get dat money? I wanna pop a bank, Two Guns style!


You’re bad at keeping secrets, aren’t you? :wink:

Just teasing you!

I actually had a question! And no, that was not the question, that was a rhetorical one. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Question: Will we be able to choose gender, i.e., play a lady among what tends to be mostly a man’s world? I am hoping ‘yes’. :grin:


Yes (quite obvious, really…) Like I said

… hey, first time I ever quoted myself…

You are who you wish to be in the story. Male or female is up to you, or maybe none of the two, should you wish so. Kinda obvious, but “Freedom of Choice” is not the only thing that I’m focusing on. I’m also mainly focusing on “REALISM”. every possible outcome that can happen for every action you take is calculated from real world reference.

Also, when I say “the little things” I also mean the bad stuff. some characters will be a little sexist, arrogant, ignorant, et cetera. Mainly because I think it gives them a realistic character. so the little things are those you can easily relate to. something to hate, and something to love… whoever you choose to be, they will respond accordingly to their born personality


As to how you fulfill your goal to escape the cops as a criminal, is a little bit forced. Because you are recruited by a crew, the Archangel crew for a “Job”. And as we’ve seen in the movies, things like this that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong :smiling_imp: so it’s up to you how you deal with the job that’s given to you. ALSO you get to choose your role.

Do you like shotguns? do you like sewing people’s wound back together? Know your way around a crowd? would you rather be the heavily armored bullet magnet? Know your way around explosives and demolition?

Do you enforce the law?
… fight it? (this is my personal choice :gun: :mask: :hocho:)

I haven’t quite come to decision on how many roles I should have for the job. but It’s fixed that there’s gonna be a total 7 crew members.


Quoteception! :astonished:

Yes, gender choice too! Good on you, guv! :relaxed:


Alright, I’m gonna post a VERY SHORT BETA about 2 weeks from now. Exact time? I have no idea…

in the BETA it’s the current prologue of the game, and currently, is VERY short… BUT has a very broad range of choices considering the size…


Can we customise our mask?

Also, can we kill a cop and dress up in their clothes, so we can sneak out?


Like Payday 2, yesssssss… but only the pattern and color.

Highly unlikely…

Logically, people would be suspicious at you immediately. You can kill them and take their gun, but you won’t need to do that unless you’re a gun nut and wasted all your rounds on innocent civilians and guards…

BUT… assuming you’re a very talented Improviser, you MIGHT be able to slip past them… but then again, how would you carry the money that you ne… :bulb: … wow… thank you…


Alright, so… as I was making this, I re-read everything, and realized how gory the story will be. I know that when I ask the question, it all comes down to preference… but…

I just wanna know, if it’s okay if I … Exaggerate a little … on the deaths. personally, I like to make the readers really immerse into the story without much of the beautiful descriptive writing… mainly because I’m not the much of a writer… I’m more of a story teller. and the stories I tell are… quite… um… profane…

but not THAT profane… just a little…

should I put options on whether or not the game would use profanity filters… and maybe some gore filters…?

I mean, come on, you’re either a cop who kills crooks for a living, or a crook who kills cops for a living… either way, blood will be shed…


Censorship is censorship, don’t do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just put a warning page up before you head into content and let people make up their minds.


Fair enough. I’ll dial things down a bit.

I’m just gonna see how things goes, and maybe put a short warning in the front page.

There won’t be much profanity, just… gore… and I know that most people could get disturbed by it.


perhaps make it that you are cop but you can choose to go native ?
kinda like sleeping dogs but you give player choice if they decide to return to being cop.


What part of my post suggested you should dial back the content? I was suggesting you keep things as is and have a warning page advising of the content types ahead so people can decide for themselves.


This part of your post.


heh, didn’t think I could mess around with the quotes XD


Wait, please have different mask TYPES. Hell yeah. I want to wear a skull mask. A full, highly detailed, realistic-looking skull mask. Hehe. This is so cool. Yes, I love shotguns. Can I pretty please weild a double barrel, with brass knuckles, and can I please wear a black leather jacket with a bullet-proof vest underneath, with black fingerless gloves? Holy crap, I just created my perfect robber, and its so sweet.

So sweet…