Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Thankyou yes I’ll try it’s a massive long shot but I’ve searched and searched cant find it anywhere I know you were a warrior of some sorts I just havnt seen the front cover that I remember but when I see it I’ll know its the one if you know what I mean haha

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Hey guys!!
Does anyone knows about this wip where the MC is a prince and has a brother who is always travelling (or studying maybe). MC mom tries to convince MC to build a friendship with some highborn lady, probably because she wants them to marry eventually (idk if she leaves it implicit or not). And it goes this way until the king (mc father) proclam that the lady will marry to his brother making everyone in the room shocked af.


Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes i think

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thank you very much my overlord :smile:

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I think i already asked this a while ago but I’m trying to remember a wip where you have magic and your mom was abusive and when you escape you live in an apartment where a therapist or a doctor visits you to check on you

This one?


Yes THANK YOU :smiley:

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I’m looking for a supernatural WIP that involves the MC being a detective looking into a string of murders. In them demo, the MC is attacked by some sort of supernatural creature. The demo ends where the MC is recouping with an ally in their apartment.

Maybe Sentinel?


That’s the one! Amazing, thank you!

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It’s about a world where people can bear the mark of a god on their hand to gain powers BUT some special individuals have the ability to bear 2 marks on each hand(mc is one of them) and the story is about the MC who is a noble but secretly he is also some kind of assassin. I really hope someone knows it I’ve been trying to find it for days with no luck :broken_heart:

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Only one i could come up with was COMING THURSDAY: "Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth," DEMO, TRAILER, INTERVIEW I think I am wrong tho

Unfortunately it’s not it :cry: but thank you for trying anyway :grin:


Is it Empowered? Or possible 1542: Rise of the Witchunter?


There’s this old game where in the prologue you get caught and died, then you get turned into a robot? or something like that. Afterwards you get saved by your team but lost all of your memories.

I believe this is the WiP you are looking for.

Yeah, that it thanks.

Neither :broken_heart:

Hello everyone I know this may not be about cog games but does any of you know about a game about an indian-esque man an officer in a ship, it was an episodic game, if I am correct Jim Sterling voiced a crewmember the cook I believe, it was also a choice and consequence game.

oh! i think that’s herald: an interactive period drama ? it was the first thing that came to mind, though i don’t remember jim being a va in it

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