Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes

For three, long centuries, two kingdoms have been in war with no end. In order to bring peace, you must wed the enemy. Your kingdom’s fate lies on your hands.

KEIA is one of the many series I plan in the future. You can play two different POVs; the Prince of Darvis or Princess of Lucraex. The first few chapters will heavily focus on characters, story and relationships. Then, it will focus on politics, schemes and warfare.

Notes before playing;

  • Forgive me for grammar errors and messy writing. I haven’t proofread my story and English isn’t my first language.

  • I did some heavy revisions in this version. I removed the childhood scenes since it overwhelmed me. So, I focused on one childhood scene so that on the 2nd chapter, the arranged marriage finally starts. I also added and removed several characters.

  • Yes, there are romances.

  • And yes, I still like to troll my readers.

  • I have no update schedules. Used to have one, which led me to being overwhelmed again. I’ll update from time to time. :slight_smile:

  • If you spot plot holes, badly developed characters, grammar errors, or anything you don’t like, I would be so grateful if you reply on this thread.

To play the demo, go HERE

Currently working on:
  1. Princess’ POV chapter 1
  2. Updated Map drawing, Coverpage, and several… drawings…

Has any changes been made since last update?

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Oh glorious day it Is back


Only revisions. Several people messaged me and asked if I still plan to continue KEIA and I don’t want them to wait a decade for the an update, so Imma just post the new version.

Oh lol hi! :sweat_smile:


Oh my! Madame Chaos is back! :smile:

I cannot wait to read what you have updated!

Edit: @Sophia The ending laugh got me in my feels! :laughing:


oh wow you’re back! your story is one of the best here, excited to see it continue!
(your reputation for torturing your readers might have been overshadowed by @sarahstuber though)



Oh, damn. Looks like I’ve been dethroned…
I should really catch up to WiPs I missed.



Also it’s always good to see a WIP return.


WOW its back!!
Honestly this is one of the most promising storylines here and thus my best wishes for it to progress smoothly


Good luck with the rest of the story. I found it pretty interesting. Seriously though please make the story fast. I cant wait to read the rest.:checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:
Finished the story and I got trolled lol

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Omg sophia!!! I had a dream this thread was gonna be back

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The Forum right now:

:tada: But seriously, glad to see this back! :heart:


D-do my eyes deceive me? Is it truly back?


Finally, this is one of the WIP that has alot of potential to be amazing. I think a save system would be good to us “meta-gamers”.


I remember playing this awhile back loved it
gonna start reading the new one now :slight_smile: btw the map doesn’t show up for me don’t know if it’s ment to be like that


Yeah the map is currently unavailable since I’m making a new one. Aside from the two kingdoms, there will be different territories such as The North, Republic of Tornassa, Slesonia, Mavis, and Summerlands.

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Little less gibberish next time please. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you back Sophia :slightly_smiling_face: (I really thought you abandoned this WiP good to know I’m wrong).

Minor text errors:

This already mentioned if MC visit Melissa before this, so I found it odd that this mentioned twice.

So who the new characters beside Kail?


Oh no no. KEIA is my baby. Could never do that to ma baby

Thanks! I salute you for your diligence. :triumph::vulcan_salute:

Just him i think?? Do you count the Magis/wizards?

I spent more time on revising character info. Like, instead of 6 dukes, I reduced it to 3 dukes. Then tweaked Vicky’s personality into someone who keeps emptying the royal treasury like marie anotoinette.


:fearful: is there ways to accidentally kill her?