WIP - Words of Fire - Teaser

Honour in the hearts of men, flames in the eyes of women, in time the cold fire will light the path from ruin. The end of reign is upon us. The beast to the south grows. The flame in the east has awakened. Redeem our faults, for we do not know which light burns brighter. May the true king save us all.

Warmth after cold.
Freedom after tyranny.
North before all.
All hail the Trovelyans’.

The Lion to the North - Rhaeyna Trovelyan - is as warm and bright, as beautiful and dangerous as the flames that envelope her every passion. First daughter to Jarl of the North, she has learned to lead with honour and discipline. However, the approaching war will test not only the strength of her father’s kingdom, but her adversity and bravery. As a venom line spills itself towards the Trovelyan family, scandal, lust, and betrayal are written in Blood.

Just a little teaser for the game that I am working on, Hoping it catches some attention :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting. I take it this is set in a feudal period?

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Yes, not a fantasy world but not medieval Europe either. A feudal society in an unusual setting :smirk:

Noooooooooo!!! I despise honor and good with my entire soul!!! :dragon_face: Who is the player in this world?

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Sounds really fun! Definitely going to keep my eye on this.

Everytime I read Trovelyan I kept seeing Targaryen from Game of Thrones… Must be just me :stuck_out_tongue:


This girl sound mmm…interesting :smirk:

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When I read the title I half expected to see a game about debates.

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That would be Phoenix Wright :smile:

I am confused about what this game is…

Do you play as a Seigneur?

So did I, hehe. I would play that! :smile:

I believe there is a series called Phoenix Wright @ballmot mentioned it, but it’s very comedic and is one the Nintendo 3DS I believe

So is the player this lion of the north? You weren’t very clear what role we would play.

In this game you will play as Rhaeyna, or the lion to the north. She is very powerful and the choices she can make will have many unforeseen consequences. In the complete game i expect to have at least one other playable character but for now there is not even enough material for me to make a teaser for his story.

I will tell you that in this game, words can be more dangerous than weapons and debates more deadly than battles. Dialogue is of hefty emphasis :slight_smile:

This sounds like an interesting concept although I have to admit I personally love games with battles in rather than debates. I can’t wait to see how you develop this idea.

I love stuff like this I think that it is a good idea

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Sounds very much like ASOIAF/Game of Thrones.

@KitsuneGoto haha, yes her name does sound a lot like Targaryen (probably the best fictional name ever). But Rhaeyna’s name is actually a play on the name Trevelyan, which is an old British name!

@gkkiller yes, my game is for sure inspired by GoT. However, it is also inspired by many other stories and their aspects. It would be impossible to name all of my inspiration here but just to give you a taste I am inspired by Dragon Age, The Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Skyrim, GoT, and many more fantasy/scifi/drama series and games!

Dang it. Once I read “Mass Effect, Skyrim” I was instantly interested…

Sounds pretty interesting :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

But i can kill them after?

@TechDragon610 Haha, who doesn’t love those titles? Hopefully I can create something half as memorable as them :grin:

@hishman13 Thank you, I am hoping that you will like what I am creating :relieved:

@Abyss Kill who? violence won’t always be the answer but It will always be an option :smiling_imp: