Empowered [WIP]

On the world Kalimuun, every million or so children are born with varying supernatural abilities. Said to be the blood-kin of the God-King Taluud, these empowered individuals are often referred to as Descendents.

There is a family, called the Yaadmar, who are known to be the direct descendents of Taluud, and their family has ruled the provinces of Kalimuun for nearly five centuries.

But now the King is dead, leaving behind no heirs. The King’s exiled cousin makes a bid for the fallen throne. Kalimuun is threatened to fall into chaos under his whims unless another direct descendent can be found…

You are an Empowered, a Descendent. What powers have you been given? Is your power your blessing or your curse? Will you selflessly defend the just, or use your powers for personal gain?

Will people cheer your name, or whisper it in fear?

Will Kalimuun return to glory with you at the helm, or will you see it burn to the ground?

These and so many more are choices that will define your character and your game in EMPOWERED, a new interactive choice game project from the writer of Dare to Dream.


This sounds interesting. It puts the player character in a place where they have plenty of freedom and options in the narrative.

You’re not dropping Dare to Dream, are you?

This sounds asoooowme (no really it sounds like a good story and fun to play)

I have to agree. I look forward to your demo.

Hmmmm sounds friggin awesome but I want to know one thing… Can you stage a coúp against the exiled cousin? (like everything goes to hell and then you fix it all up with the coúp)

i like the whispered in fear part >:-)


Dare to Dream will definitely not be dropped, I just some time away from it while I still have my sanity intact :stuck_out_tongue:

@Headhunter180 I am not sure if at the end of the cousin’s seize for power if there will be any way to ‘fix it all up’…he is a descendent but not a direct one, and so it will result in a severely bloody conflict between his supporters and the followers of Taluud. And if the cousin manages to seize power…Hmm it would be difficult to revolt/stage a coup but not impossible I suppose.

I’m glad you guys like the idea. I have been wanting to write a ‘super-power’ story for quite awhile :slight_smile:

This sound’s awesome.

sounds cool

I vow to selflessly defend the innocent while advanceing my personaly power, all inorder to do good better that is. That I swear to you.

@Cloudian you’d make a wonderful politician lol

lol, yeah except id actually be sincere in what i say.

Sounds fun

Gah!! Excited!!! :smiley:

Omega I can’t wait for the demo.

sounds awesome! I’ll definitely want to play this game :slight_smile:

The Abilities of EMPOWERED:

  1. Telekinetic/Telepath: They bare the mark of Ulfrik Nadom, the god of motion (the mark is most often said to resemble the ripple effect in a pond.) Telekinetic/Telepath’s are generally regarded as the most powerful of the Descendents, as their ability has almost no limits. While a low level Telekinetic/Telepath might only be able to make a rock jump or hear whispers of others thoughts, a powerful one has the ability to topple a skyscraper with a single thought and take complete control over another persons mind. Said to be the chosen Descendents of Taluud himself, almost every direct descendent of the royal family has been Telekinetic/Telepathic.

  2. Super Strength and Flight: They bare the mark of Valdiir, the god of war and sacrifice (the mark resembles two swords crossed in an X). Many (but not all) of the Empowered’s who bare the mark of Valdiir follow the Breaking Storm, the ‘hero faction’ if you will. (The leader of Breaking Storm is Kaluum, regarded as the most powerful Descendent of Valdiir, and proclaimed champion of the just.) As with any other ability, the range of power differs. A low level descendent of Valdiir may only be able to pick up a very heavy box and hover a foot off the ground, a powerful one could juggle semi trucks (though why one would want to do that is beyond me) and fly faster than the speed of sound. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not invincible.

  3. Tech-Kinetic/Electricity Manipulator: They bare the mark of Alizabet, the goddess of energy and life. (Their mark resembles that of a lightning bolt). Where a telekinetic would be able to disassemble an object with their mind, you can look at a piece of technology, know exactly how it works, disassemble it with your mind and then rebuild it and have it work better than ever. Descendents of Alizabet also have the ability to draw energy from power sources in order to heal or even wield electricity as a weapon (skilled Manipulators can even have the electricity take on a solid form, such as a sword…). Tech-Kinetic’s/Electricity Manipulators make for excellent hackers.

  4. Shape-Shifter: They bare the mark of Kolindor, the god of jest and trickery (interesting things to be a god of, isn’t it?) The mark resembles a coiled snake twisted around a clenched fist. Kolindor is known as the Usurper; he rejected Taluud as the God-King and resisted violently against him when Taluud united the seven kingdoms. Descendents of Taluud face even more problems today, as many with this ability turn into subterfuge agents and assassins. Even though those days are mostly behind the Shifters, they still face a lot of prejudice for the crimes of their ancestors. The ability of a Shifter varies, but the average Shifter is able to take the form of any animate or inanimate object just by touching it. They also absorb the memories of the target they are shifting into (if animate…clearly), making them nearly indiscernible from the target they are shifting into.

  5. Elemental: They bare the mark of Jin-Yaan, the goddess of balance and nature. (Their mark resembles that of a phoenix). They are able to create, absorb, and wield the powers of fire and ice. This juxtaposition of abilities makes Elementals quite dangerous and unpredictable. While the shocking brute force of their powers is nearly unrivaled, most who bare the mark of Jin-Yaan choose to follow her teachings, removing themselves from society so that they may better peacefully understand their connection with nature. As with any ability though, there are always exceptions to the rule. Balgraan the Stern, the fallen King’s cousin, is a powerful Elemental, but uses his abilities to force others into submission and bend to his will.

I’m wondering, will you be able to use all of your abilities, or will you have to rely on some of them only? Because they all sound great to have.

Near the beginning of the game, it will ask which mark you bear, and that will determine which powers you will have in the game. I’m not sure if that answers your question though.