Empowered [WIP]

It does.

Hi, @wolfwriter20

This looks promising! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the lore of the marks. I have a question or two about the gameplay elements of those marks.

You can only pick one mark and that locks you in? Setting aside lore, are they “story checks” for choices determining if you can use this power or that power in certain situations? Is it possible to increase the stat, if it’s done that way, and at certain milestones, unlock new abilities say at 25, 50, 75 e.t.c? You could even put a vignette that checks whether you’ve achieved those milestones and have the god in their own way, grant those powers to you so it seems natural instead of yay, new power out of nowhere?

Sorry if I am rambling. Just curious about how you intend to handle this.

Hmmm on the Tech-Kinetic/Electricity manipulators
Cole Freakin’ McGrath
The electric man
I’m sooooooo taking the lightning mark

@Marius Yes, you choose one and that will be the powers you have available to you for the whole game. I’m hoping that having the different powers as different playthroughs will warrant quite different journeys each time you play. That is the goal at least.

I do want to make the growth natural. I am plotting out a sequence in which you train with someone who is a master of your mark, and that moves you to level two because he/she teaches you how to control your power. Then maybe the more you use your power, the more adept at it you become. I think this will work well because you never really gain a new power or ability, just become much better at wielding the ones you already have.

@Headhunter180 That’s the inFAMOUS guy, right? He definitely came to mind when I was writing about the electricity manipulator :smiley:

@wolfwriter20 And let me guess you were thinking of Kratos when writing Valdiir?

Actually, no. I’ve never been much of a fan of God of War games (I know, right?? Something must be wrong with me.)

Edit: I was actually thinking more along the lines of Mars/Ares when writing about Valdiir, to be honest.

@wolfwriter20 Oh cool, what about Dante’s Inferno? (not the poem the game loosely based on the poem)

all the powers seem awesome I don’t know how I would pick

Sign me up for the mark of Valdiir! Here comes the next most powerful Descendent of Valdiir. B-)

@Headhunter180 I’ve never played it, but it sounds interesting. It would take some getting used to playing as a knight templar…(pops in Assassins Creed III)

@Fujin I’m glad they sound good :slight_smile: I wanted to pick powers that people would like that I also am a fan of (which always makes something easier to write about) and also that I think will translate well in the game. I thought about having teleportation and invisibility, but really struggled with how to actively make that a part of the story that could be used frequently. I guess that is why most of the powers come across as more offensive type powers, they can be applied to many situations. But I’m going to try and work other powers in there, not necessarily accessible to the player though.

Woops went on a tangent there. I personally have always been a fan of telekinesis myself, it will be cool to see what people decide as their first playthrough character.

@Cloudian Sounds good to me! I guess the question is will your Descendent follow in the footsteps of Kaluum, or use his strength for less noble purposes… :slight_smile:

sounds like an ammazing game, when wll it be up


Will each power be stronger/weaker against another?

Wait so for the energy manipulator is it just shooting lightning out of your hands or will there be more to it like making an electro magnetic field to stop a bullet or sword and all of the powers in infamous? Those were pretty sick.

when will the demo be out

@irule9344 I have a working intro, but there is not a whole lot that happens, so I am holding off on posting the link until I get a little further along. If everything goes well, a demo should be up by this weekend.

@Nocturnal_Stillness I hadn’t really intended for one power to be more powerful than another. The only one that would be at a distinct disadvantage in open combat with other Empowered’s would be the Shape-Shifter, unless they were powerful enough to take on the abilities of their opponent…but that is a whole other issue. Would it be better if, say, (random example here) telekinetics had an advantage over the strength/flight path but a weakness to Elementals? It could serve to balance the power a little, but I would want to make sure not to take it too far and make the player feel under-powered (you will at some points early on as a level one, but by chapter 3 you are a level 2 and already quite advanced.) Regardless, it is definitely something to consider.

@Syndicate In the beginning you would be able to do little more than shoot a small bolt of lightning from your hands and make peoples hair stick up. But I have planned for by the time you finish the game, an energy manipulator would be able to absorb impressive amounts of electricity, discharge lighting in a way that would make Emperor Palpatine jealous, forge the energy into weapons such as swords that the manipulator can wield, create a sustainable source of energy to power high-tech and powerful items, and much more. Every power is designed to evolve in such a way, that it is weak in the beginning but as you use it and train and progress through the story you become far more powerful.

@wolfwriter20 Do you even need to ask. I’ve tried my hardest to make a rep for being a cogger who ALWAYS plays his character as a good, honorable guy, so basically always a hero.

Also i have a question, will the energy manipulator be able to forge lightning enchanted weapons or enchant weapons with lightning so that it does lightning damage?


Thanks for answering. It is definitely something to consider. I’d worry about becoming “too powerful” and having little challenging but am glad there are moments that you feel under powered.

@Cloudian I don’t really think you will be able to add lightning damage to other weapons/enchant them. There is already a lot that you will be able to do with your electricity though, which will (in time) be more powerful than giving a normal weapon shock damage.


It should be scaled as the game goes on (that is the goal at least.) Therefore at higher levels, yeah you can totally own any normal or low level Empowered that comes your way, but you will still be going up against people like Balgraan or the Steward or the Hunter/Huntress. They are all extremely powerful Descendents in their own right and more than capable of going toe to toe with you even at higher levels.

@wolfwriter20 First off I can’t wait to play this it sounds incredibly fun and I believe the story will be very cool and deep. Second I’m definitely going to play as the tech-kentic/electricity manipulator because I want to be a nerd hero with lighting coming out my fingertips.

That being said my question is depending on your mark will you provide a lot of back-story for the province you hail from?

Next if you are a tech-kentic could you use your powers to invent and control technology to fight for you rather than use your powers and have it be powered by you or energy your body is channeling?

So long as you have the necessary materials available to you, a higher level Tech-Kinetic could build their own machines, etc. (Could be a vehicle, could be some sort of robot that attacks and defends like a companion of sorts, etc.) If it does not have it’s own power source, you would be able to channel your energy into it, but it would be incredibly draining and you would not be able to keep that up for long without absorbing energy from another source.

To your other question, the mark itself doesn’t necessitate you coming from a certain province. Kalimuun is polytheistic, with one God-King (Taluud) and several lesser Gods and Goddesses. So three Empowereds could come from one province, but all have different marks because they are the ‘Descendents’ of different Gods.