1542: Rise of the Witchhunter

1542: Rise of the Witchhunter is the tentative title of an action-adventure RPG combining a historic presentation of the 16th century with supernatural mythology.

You play as a Witchhunter of the Roman Inquisition. Bearing the Mark of Cain, you are part of a brotherhood of men uniquely gifted with the ability to see, hear and confront demons. Using holy artifacts and occult incantations you can take the fight to the demons - or corrupt your soul to make use of their power.


  • Play a Witchhunter from various European nations such as Denmark, Hungary or the Netherlands.
  • Choose a unique background for your character such as “Chosen One”, “Heartbroken” or “Souldebtor”, each with an exclusive side quest.
  • Buy your own mount; an Arab Thoroughbred, a Friesian Charger, or maybe just a donkey.
  • Influence historic events like the Siege of Malta or the Battle of Lepanto; meet historic figures like Martin Luther, Heinrich Kramer or Charles V.
  • And much, much more :wink:

You can play the first two chapters for free here:


This game was strongly inspired by:

  • Medieval 2 Total War (Use of epithets/priest traits)
  • Europa Universalis IV (Politics/History)
  • Movies: Boondock Saints, Stigmata, End of Days, Black Death
  • The Japanese anime “Hellsing”
  • NBC’s tv show “Constantine”
  • The character “Ray” from the game Call of Juarez.
  • Choice of the Vampire & Choice of Robots (Gameplay)
  • Music: E Nomine, Gregorian, E.S. Posthumus

Very, very promising idea! Keep it up:)

Just few tiny comments about the Polish choice:
Kraków, not Krakow(o and ó are different sounds)
There are such names as Grzegorz(very common nowadays), Gregory(rare),
Gregor(even more rare). The only ‘Grygor’ I ever heard was a surname of some sportsman.
Bazyli, Wasyl or Wasyli, not ‘Vasily’, I would say.
Kazimierz and Władysław(not Wladyslaw) are names, not surnames.
Leszczyński, not ‘Leszczynski’(though it bases on the word leszczyna, ‘hazel (tree)’)
But these are just my nitpicky nitpicks.

I will not pretend I know the history very well, so I cannot help you with much with own knowledge, although I can translate some texts for you, if you wish (for example, here “Inquisition in Poland” on wikipedia
http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inkwizycja_w_Polsce )

Good luck with the game! I wait unpatiently for updates.

Perfect feedback on Polish names, which I admit I know very little about. Sadly, ChoiceScript does not seem to allow me to display letters like ö, or ó, et cetera. So I opted on purpose not to include them. But I’ll take your other points into account and freshen up the Polish name choices!

This is really cool sounding.

ChoiceScript supports special characters by the way. I use UltraEdit and it’s simply a matter of inserting the character from the ASCII table. I’ve written some passages in German and French and the accent marks all show up.

Might sound simple to you, but I have no idea what you mean!

What is an ASCII table and how do you access it?

Quick question: do you use notepad++? If not, what text editor are you using?

This thread might be helpful?

If you’re using notepad++, all you have to do is go to edit > Character Panel, and a panel on the right will appear.

The concept is actually quite interesting, I’m curious to see what you do with it. With that said, that means it’s worth some merciless feedback.

One major misspelling: “Excorcism” in the stats should be “Exorcism.”

Also, “witchhunting” properly should be “witch-hunting,” and same for “witchhunter.” (Ordinarily, this would be left for the copyeditor, but major words that will be repeated a lot are worth pointing out now to save time later.)

Not sure how much this matters (historical nitpick), but the Netherlands should be predominantly Catholic as of 1542.

On the subject of stats, I suggest building each pair of Righteousness/Corruption, Orthodoxy/Heresy, and Fanaticism/Mercy as opposed pairs instead of individual stats. For example, in choicescript_stats.txt:

opposed_pair Righteousness

Then in the future, have all game functions related to either call the Righteousness stat, and have Corruption checks measured by using Righteousness < target number. Does that make sense?

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I’m busy right now, but I’m posting to remind myself to play this game when I can. Sounds cool!

Very intriguing. Looking forward to more.

One problem I found was my stat meter still showing empty even after I picked my strongest skill as Witch hunting.

I’m still tinkering with the stat system. Once I have it finished in a way I like, then I’ll add the actual stat bonuses related to choices!

Nice sharp commentary, thanks!

  1. I actually started out with opposed pairs and I decided against it because I didn’t like the way it looked. Also, I don’t want to place Righteousness and Corruption on a continuum. I think both can be present in the same person. So I purposefully keep those 6 stats separate to reflect positive AND negative choices, as opposed to a sum total of choices.

  2. For some reason I think Witch-hunter looks really ugly, as does Witch Hunter, so I kind of opted to spell it wrongly it on purpose…

  3. Looks like you’re right, I should rephrase the situation of The Netherlands, thanks.

“THIS IS THE END OF THE DEMO, PUNK!” I laughed so hard at that!

I love what you have so far. This is such an interesting topic for a game.

I know that the church back then probably wouldn’t have been ok with women having significant witchhunting power, but do you think you might be able to add an option to play a woman disguised as a man?

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but there’s a bunch of extra stuff after the end of the demo that looks like it came from the Choicescript tutorial. Did you leave that on by accident?

This thing has a lot of potential. Can’t wait to see more!

At first I was thinking, due to historical accuracy, it could only be a male character, but your idea is actually pretty funny to include a woman disguised as a man. So I think I’ll add that to the features, thanks for the suggestion!

Obviously whatever comes after THIS IS THE END OF THE DEMO, is not a part of the demo :wink: I kind of left it because I don’t want to delete anything that might cause errors, but I’ll get to it soon enough.


Wow, that was fast. You added the female option already!

I like the epithets that you added. “The Unremarkable” was pretty funny. I had the google a couple of the weapons you listed as choices, so I was thinking you should add a short description to each weapon–describe the obscure ones and then maybe list the pros/cons, too.

Oh my, you reallllly did a lot of research into this! I love historical things so this is so cool to me!

Also, as someone who like researching religions, yay for referencing other demons like Mephistopheles and Beelzebub!

Inspired by Alucard?! This must be good.

This game concept is kinda like making a game about being a conquistador fighting for the just rule of Christiandom over the evil native Americans… Or playing a heroic member of the Gestapo searching out evil socially unacceptable subhumans (aka, Homosexuals, Jews, Roma, etc.)

You’re painting a group whose actions in history were absolutely atrocious in a positive light by making a fictional version of the world in which their hate filled delusions were actually true. Obviously the game isn’t exactly meant to be taken seriously (Hell, the name choices are all famous people from the period.) but I just thought that it was worth pointing that out.