Using Non-Standard Characters

First of all hello! I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been messing with CS for a while now.

For most projects I don’t have any need for special characters, but in a recent one I’ve been needing to use characters like é and à and so on.

They show up fine in all the text editors I used (Notepad++ and textpad), and they do show up in my browser (I have it set on Unicode). Every time I go to test my game though, they are replaced by an error character.

I saw someone else had this problem and tried the solution presented in that thread, with no luck, though I probably did just do it wrong.

So does anyone know how to do it, or at least what would be causing it to not work? Thanks.

Hello welcome to the forums, Great name also. I’m not sure about this issue I have ran into the same problem and they are replaced with some sort of diamond with a question mark sorta thing, been wondering if there was a way around that also.

Copy-paste’ing these should make it work. I checked. Blahblahblah, Insert Symbol doesn’t work, /blahblahblah.

Was where I found the answer. Credit to CJW.

@Caddmuss Thank you & @CJW

Oh, found an older topic regarding it. The characters have to be saved using UTF-8 encoding, whatever that really means.

To do that: Toolbar - Encoding - Click UTF-8 - Save.

@Caddmuss @CJW That solved the problem! Thanks to both of you.

Opened this thread looking to find out what the OP meant by non-standard characters. Gotta say I was a little bit disappointed… :stuck_out_tongue:


Open a thread asking what should a non-standard character constitute and we’ll all hash it out.

@Caddumuss Haha! No need. Just a simple misunderstanding of the word “character”.

yeah I was expecting talk about my poisoners charming assassins not about code :-))

@SpaceLesbian Welcome to the forum