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First of all hello! I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been messing with CS for a while now.

For most projects I don’t have any need for special characters, but in a recent one I’ve been needing to use characters like é and à and so on.

They show up fine in all the text editors I used (Notepad++ and textpad), and they do show up in my browser (I have it set on Unicode). Every time I go to test my game though, they are replaced by an error character.

I saw someone else had this problem and tried the solution presented in that thread, with no luck, though I probably did just do it wrong.

So does anyone know how to do it, or at least what would be causing it to not work? Thanks.

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Hello welcome to the forums, Great name also. I’m not sure about this issue I have ran into the same problem and they are replaced with some sort of diamond with a question mark sorta thing, been wondering if there was a way around that also.


Copy-paste’ing these should make it work. I checked. Blahblahblah, Insert Symbol doesn’t work, /blahblahblah.

Was where I found the answer. Credit to CJW.


@Caddmuss Thank you & @CJW


Oh, found an older topic regarding it. The characters have to be saved using UTF-8 encoding, whatever that really means.

To do that: Toolbar - Encoding - Click UTF-8 - Save.

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@Caddmuss @CJW That solved the problem! Thanks to both of you.


Opened this thread looking to find out what the OP meant by non-standard characters. Gotta say I was a little bit disappointed… :stuck_out_tongue:



Open a thread asking what should a non-standard character constitute and we’ll all hash it out.


@Caddumuss Haha! No need. Just a simple misunderstanding of the word “character”.


yeah I was expecting talk about my poisoners charming assassins not about code :-))


@SpaceLesbian Welcome to the forum