Accents in choicescript?


Hey everybody, I’m new to choicescript and I have a question about it.
I’m writing in french since it’s my native language and the thing is that when I put accents in the text like “à” or “é” it end with a black square with a “?” in it when i test the game. It’s pretty annoying and I would like to fix that since there will be a lot of accents in my game. So, I did some research on the forums to look if someone had a similar problem and I found a post. Unfortunately, the problem was that the OP was using word 2001 and copy-pasted the text form there to the .txt. It isn’t my case, I use notepad ++ to write in the .txt so I still don’t know how to fix the issue.
So, if anyone have a solution to this, could you please help me ?


Copy and pasting them should work idk a way around it if pasting wont do it


In notepad++ there’s a drop-down menu entitled ‘Encoding’, click it and set it to “Encode in UTF-8” whilst editing each text file.

Then use this table to get the codes to insert the accent characters:

Copy and pasting them from that site into your files should also work, providing you’ve changed the encoding (I think notepad++ is ANSI by default).


Great, it works now ! Big thanks for the help !


Game in French? Seems like I better start to listen in my language class now…


lol troll :-))


Hello! I’m the person with the similar question. I know that you’ve already solved the problem, but I would like to add that even if the ‘?’ came up in testing, once you put it onto the internet – say through drop box, or something like that – then the symbols automatically go away. I never bothered with fixing the symbols, I simply know that once I hook it up to the internet it reverts to the accents I had in mind. SO YEAH.

Also, bonjour! Mon jeu était en français, aussi c: