About Accents in Choicescript


Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to put accents (like é, ç, à, etc) in choice script without getting the ? mark. In the game I’m making a lot of the names of places and people are French in origin, so they’re spelt with accents aigu and cicrumflexes. I just want to be certain it’s impossible before I give up ;-;

It isn’t, like, imperative our gamebreaking… but it looks awkward and makes me sad :c Does anyone know?


It works just fine for me:

Make sure you’re not using Microsoft word’s “insert symbol” and then copying it into notepad (++) or whatever you’re using, as it messes with the encoding.

You’ll need to find the accent online and/or learn the numpad code for it and insert it directly into your code/text editor.

Useful site (list of accent codes):


Oh, haha, I write on 2001 Microsoft Word and copy it onto notepad. MY BAD. I just added them in manually on word. It works now. Thanks so much c: