I can't write in French

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’m writing a story for my girlfriend, and I have an issue with how accents (an important part of writing in French) are handled in ChoiceScript.

First of all, I’m allowed to write a story for just one person, right? Can I write in any language I want?
I assumed it wouldn’t be an issue, but I’d rather ask now that I’m here, just in case.

My problem is that every character with an accent ( é , è , à , etc.) is changed into a rectangle, and takes out some of the characters around it.
Is ChoiceScript incompatible with accents, or could it be something else? I should mention I’m using Internet Explorer to view my game, instead of the recommended Firefox.

If anyone has any idea of how I could ‘fix’ this, please let me know!

Check out these two threads, they might help:

Oh, thanks a lot! I’m glad there’s a way to make it work!

I did do a search for ‘accent’ but the top results were all about English accents, Welsh accents, etc., and I quickly gave up. ^^’ I’ll look harder next time!

Ahh, never mind, it still does not work. :confused: It seems my laptop just can’t do Alt codes at all - it has no Num pad or Num Lock, and no combination of the real keyboard, the on-screen keyboard and the Alt and Fn keys gives any results.
The only solution I haven’t tried yet is UTF-8 encoding, whatever that is.

Regarding your question about making a game for just one person, you can do anything with your game, but if you make any money from it, you have to give 75% of it to CoG

@Samuel_H_Young Not true. If you want to publish it through Choice of Games then they’ll pay you what amounts to 17.5% of the total after app store cuts and the like.

If you choose to publish it yourself, there’s another deal, where the percentages are reversed.