Umlauts and accent marks

I couldn’t find the answer – is it possible, by any chance, to put umlauts and accent marks into your choicescript text? I’d love to be able to do both but I have a fear that neither are permitted. Thanks in advance,


Yeah, I would like to know about this, too. My accented letters in what people say in French do not appear as they should.

You can if you encode your text into UTF-8. This can be easily done in Notepad++ in the helpfully labelled “encoding” menu at the top. You’ll need to convert any already existing files into it, but after you do that just add the accents and stuff in like you would normally and they should show up when you run your game. You could even do weird characters like the :heart: or whatever and it should show up.

I don’t know how to do it in other text editors, but I assume it’s a similar idea.

Thanks I’d forgotten about UTF-8, just assumed the files were being saved that way. I use UltraEdit and they’ve got special character inserts that are now working once I made sure to save as UTF-8.

In EditPad the files are already specified for UTF-8, and still the accented characters do not show up properly. WIll need to research further.

I stand corrected: I had missed the UTF-8 specification for index.htm for “Your One Moment”, which is where the accents problem occurs. Was all set in the other games I am developing.