German Game

i would like to write a game in german with choice script. How can i easily change the code to read and display the characters ä,ö,ü,ß correctly? Or do i have to “ü” them all? Thanks.


Same question ! I’d like to write a game in french, so I’m wondering how I could put this letters : é è ê ç, etc.
Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

i don’t have an answer to your question, however i’m a German student in my highschool, and looking very forward to playing your game, hoping i’ll understand it all (i know this is an unhelpful off-topic comment, but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it)

You use the extended ASCII character set to write the characters. The rest is in correctly saving the file. In short, you need to be working in a plain text document; anything more than the bare bones will cause a screw-up. Moreover, whenever you open the text file, you need to open it as a UTF-8 file. This preserves the ASCII characters.

Do not try to use HTML codes.

Thanks !
So, I might sound stupid, but what am I suppose to type ? Just an “é” ? or something like Alt+Shift+128 (I’m saying that randomly) ?
Also, I’m on a Mac and I heard that the ASCII is different that Window’s.
Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s working ! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks. I am relieved its that easy.

Protip: put a *comment with several of those characters as the first line of every txt file. Then, if you open up the file and those characters are garbled, you know immediately that you’ve opened the file in the wrong format, or that you previously saved it incorrectly.