A few questions from a foreigner

Hello community!
I’m writing with choice of games since a few days, and still wonder about some things :
First, is there anyway I could write in French? It may seem a bit of an odd question but it’s my native language and it would be much more convenient ^^’ (I mean through this is it possible to implement "é"or “à” letters? They cause my tests to fail…
Second, I see many stories claiming to be gender-inclusive… Is there an easy way to do that ? Like something that would automatically switches “he” to “she” or else if the player chooses to be a woman?
Third, I have already read few books from choice of games (Doomsday on demand was exceptionnal i felt btw) and I’m starting to run out of free books to play… Is there any way to obtain more? Are all books on the site or are there other books accessible for free somewhere?
And fourth, I didn’t found in the guide I use how to implement a sound in my story… Can someone explain me? (I guess its very similar to pictures but I would enjoy help …)

Thank you very much!

Some lost frenchman


If you want to publish with Hosted Games your game must be written in English. Special characters should not cause CS to fail.

Create and set gender ${variables}.

You can always steal games online, sure. Otherwise, they cost money. Choice of Games authors and Hosted Games authors are trying to earn money for the years of work they put into writing their games.

There are several posts about this. Here’s a recent one. Unofficial ChoiceScript Audio Enhanced Plugin


Not here and not legally, I don’t believe. But, there are some other interactive fiction sites/communities that I think offer some or all of their gamebooks to the public. If you really, truly cannot afford a Choice of or Hosted Games gamebook, then you might be able to find something on another service.

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Seriously Suggest piracy In the company own forum surrounded by the Authors? Lije if they don’t deserve being paid for their work.


I don’t think that question was intended to be offensive, it was just borne of ignorance. Now that the OP knows that you have to pay for them, I don’t think it’ll be an issue. I feel like this could quickly turn into bashing of the OP and I don’t believe that’s warranted. :confused:


My comment wasn’t directed to op. It was directed to @Writing_Fever that i hope is a bad redaction but it seems to allude a other services elsewhere and piracy…
Anyway I flagged to moderation so no need escalating a issue

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There’s also free IF on other sites. Apart from that, you can apply to beta-test full games (with the caveats that you give feedback and the access is temporary).


Huh? No, I just meant other interactive fiction websites and games. I would never recommend any sort of piracy, especially considering the apparently hundreds of people that have stolen my gamebook from Hosted Games. This is why I said that the original poster cannot find free games here or anywhere legally.


Sorry, that have lot more sense. I was surprised. I am Spanish and here piracy is one of biggest in world and in percent from population we are like top five to points there are people that gives torrent links even in official forum of games and people is almost proud of piracy.

That i am very used and tired of people solution to everything is Oh search a torrent or Only assholes pay for the games y have all for free. Without they understand that they are shooting their foot because if writers can eat from writing then will no write anymore. Sadly

I understand what is have few money still i have save even been teen to buy games or books there are sales. And here we have beta proposals to playing full game in exchange of give feedback…

Sorry for the wall of text. But as a lawyer i have seen people affected for they intellectual property being stolen.

Same people don’t go Macdonalds asking there is not enough free meals . We all should be appreciative with authors that give for free their work .
But sorry to misunderstand your post


Hello ! Thank you for all your answers.
About special characters i’ll try again, maybe the issue was elsewhere but I’m not convinced … Anyway, if CoG requiers english, I can make an effort :slight_smile:
Thks also for the guides, I ll check them out!
About free books, I meant that I could access some games like the Great tournament for free… And wander if there were many like that or only the 4 or 5 i have already done. Or if some authors who write “for fun” are granting free access to their games . I didn’t mean to access paying books by piracy . sry if i created à misunderstanding
Nice day to all of you !


I am Spanish so i understand the struggle with English But I use that to trying to improve my writing and my language same time. I am not the most fluent person, and my grammar is manifestly bad. Still I am tons of times better than when I have started i recommend you read the Choicescript wiki and asking any doubt after read so you could solve any doubt… And try submit the betas and read the wips posted here just remember after that give your feedback it is needed by authors and is reasonably give it


The letters should be an encoding thing:
I thiiiiink it’s Unicode 8 or something you have to save in?

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It says that at the moment, COG can only publish games in English. So, does that mean that in the future you may be able to publish books in French?

I’m so disapointed :sob: because I started writing a story in French, and it was working out very well. I even introduced it to some French friends and they loved it. Now all my motivation is gone, XD. So all I have to do now is pack it up somewhere XD. I hope you will soon be able to publish books in French.

You could always go an publish it bilingual.
Like with a choice to play in english or french.
I don’t think the rules are against that variety?

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Well if the rules are not agains it, it will be feasible. But it will be twice longer XD

Just give it a good playthrough length :slight_smile:

The sole trick is how to arrange the scene list

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I’m already picturing everything in my head, like implementing a choice at the beginning to play it in french or english. And create 2 copy of each chapter.
For exemple. Chap1 Chap1a
Chap2 Chap2a and so it goes.

Still, if the rules are not against. It will not be an easy work. And for the choicescript_stats.txt file, i will need to find a compromise, or is it possible to create two of it?

The easiest way i can thing of would be:



*create eng false

Do you want to play in english or french/Voulez-vous jouer en francais ou en anglais (Tell me if this is correct Dx
      *set eng true
      *goto_scene ch1en
      *goto_scene ch1fr

And for the stats:

@{eng Name|Nom}:

And just work with multireplace where it can be applied

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Thanks, you are awesome. Now i think i can tackle this project head on XD well if the rules are not against it XD

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