Some general questions before I start


Before I start coding with your script I wanted to ask if the game must be in English? Or if it’s possible to write it in German aaaaand how could I host it if that’s the case? I guess it makes no sense to ask to host it here if it’s a different language only a few understand. The finished game would be for free at my convention booths (like QR codes and such) as a nice extension to my comics.

Greetings, Effi :slight_smile:

Welcome. Obviously the coding itself is in English but you can write the game’s text in whatever language you want. I actually have a little passage in German in one of my games. Choicescript will support accent marks and umlauts if you need them.

I’m new here also, so I don’t really have the answers to your questions. Though I believe what you want to do is possible.
It’s just nice to run into another comic artist who’s interested in interactive fiction! Hi! :smile:

Coding in English is no problem :slight_smile: It’s just that my audience is mainly German. But I would like to upload it to the Google App store. But I’m not sure if I’m allowed to.

@Falingard: Hi :smiley: Yeah interactive stories seemed like the next step, haha.

Uploading to the Google Play store may be a bit tricky, as I imagine you’ll have to go through the Hosted Games label. Specifically stated about the Hosted Games label is the following:

‘We do require our approval for any games that we host and release, but mostly that means we check to make sure that the game will run reliably (by running our automated tests), that the game is written in clear English,’

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ok thank you :slight_smile: since it’s an html document (i just downloaded the .zip) I guess its possible to host it like a webpage, so I can use QR codes on flyer and stickers.

Unfortunately Hosted Games cannot publish games in languages other than English at this time. Of course you can use ChoiceScript to make a game that you want to host (but not sell) elsewhere for free.

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