Where are the other Choose your own adventure games?

So I’ve recently come into the knowledge that Choice of Games aren’t the only online source of Choose your own adventure type of games… question is, what are they? I’ve recently had an urge to play CoG, but seeing as they are still developing, that’ll wait. I’ve just finished playing Kadael’s Rogue Gone game, it’s short but satisfying.
Also, I played a while back some game about you growing up from baby --> Adult --> Senior. I can’t remember that game, but it was excellent. Truly exceptional.
Anyone else mind putting up some of their favorites? Or even just good ones?


(The Rogue Gone game isn’t mine - it’s roskelld’s)

That game might be Alter Ego - http://www.playalterego.com/
Which is indeed excellent.

I really like the Lone Wolf series of gamebooks - it’s a bit different than CoG, since they’re, well, books, but they’re well written and engaging. You can play them here:

don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story is also excellent, but not so heavy on the interactivity. At the very least, it’s worth seeing all three endings.

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Oops, well I must’ve read wrong o.O Soooooory roskelld

@Kadeal @MrYoungzman

Digital! Don’t forget Digital!

It’s the semi-prequel to don’t take it personally, and I found far more entertaining. There’s LESS choice involved, but it feels like you actually have an impact. It’s kind of…odd actually. In the end, what’s more important, the atmosphere or the way the story unfolds?


Oh, of course! I think Digital had more of an emotional impact on me, but I enjoyed don’t take it personally more… Digital was more immersive, but don’t take it personally had its own really great points.

With Digital, I found myself getting mixed up because I would accidentally PM people out of order and get confused - like at the very end, I had to visit that certain place twice before I could finally trigger the ending. I loved the atmosphere, though.

don’t take it personally, of course, wasn’t as emotionally personal, but I found myself more attached to, say, Charlotte and Isabella more than Emilia. I cared a lot more about what happened to the characters in don’t take it personally.

Well, considering there’s really only two characters to really get attached to Digital (That is Emilia and um…yourself) and the fact you have to fill in the blanks is mainly what drove it…

I don’t know, John just has this fantastic way of pissing me off with nearly everything he does. He starts out with some lofty ideals, sells them pretty quick depending on how you play, and his character arc is really one big downward spiral.

That was the point though. Christina was being super-literal in the title. It AIN’T your story, and while I find it interesting to literally play as a side character, interesting doesn’t always equal payoff.

Vaugeish spoilers sandwiched the hyphens people! Hot surface, don’t burn yourself!

Really in all honesty, as much as I did care for the class, I REALLY wanted to punch them collectively after that stunt. It felt like a betryal of all that emotional investment, although it was stupidity on John’s end too. If he actually TALKED with his students instead of being so concerned with their Amie personas maybe he could have figured things out, but every time he meets them face to face he just clams up.

In fact, an option to play the game without checking the messages at all should really be a choice. Maybe as a new game + type of thing?

Still, it’s a fun game and I shouldn’t sell it short, (Onomatopoeia!) It’s by far the best Ren’py VN this year.

http://chooseyourstory.com has quite a few games on it.
http://editthis.info/choose_your_own_adventure/ has a lot of incomplete stuff, most crap, some good.
Academagia is a personal recommendation, but it is very complex.


@Crayshen , am I missing something? o.O Your link leads to the same site that Kada posted ._.

It’s on the same site, but I swear that it said “/digital” when I posted it. o.O

Must’ve not been paying attention. Apologies.

More interactive fiction:

The King of Shreds and Patches is good for any Lovecraft fans who like puzzles: http://maher.filfre.net/King/

I like a lot of Emily Short’s work. I recommend Alabaster and Galatea: http://emshort.wordpress.com/my-work/

Fate is dark, but an enjoyable game about complex morality: http://ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=az8jb9bddngurwr7

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Alter ego was made by the very same dan fabulich who created CoG :smiley:

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I know, I simply loved it.

Err… Not written by Dan. It was written in the 80s by a psychologist. Dan reverse-engineered in so he could release it on mobile and web.


I thought I recognized his name! I’m so thankful for his work putting it on the web, or else I’d never have known about it.

I highly recommend Blue Lacuna by Aaron Reed. It’s a wonderful IF game with a well-rendered world, an interesting premise, and a very reactive and strongly characterized NPC. It also allows you choice of gender and orientation for your character, like CoG games do.
You won’t have to fight with the text parser to play it – it’s newbie-friendly (but also accepts traditional commands) and has both story and puzzle modes.
It’s long and totally worth the time commitment.

It’s here: http://www.lacunastory.com/

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oh, ok then my mistake :slight_smile:

…Did I just use ‘onomatopoeia’ in place of ‘alliteration’?

My English geek cred! NOOOOO!

Anyway, that reminds me. I may have suggested it before, but Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Head or Tail of It is a great way to kill some time. It’s essentially one long wordplay game and good for a few laughs.

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Link? :3 I’ve been playing a bunchload of games from the site chooseyourstory, I tend to like the ones that make you type in the keyword a lot less, can’t even get through the intro ._.

It’s in Z-machine format as it’s one of the old Infocom games, but really probably their least…er…traditional. (Aside from Bureaucracy of course, but I’m not going to talk about that.)

-5 minutes of Googling later…-

Ah, raspberries, I was certain it was in the IF Archive, but the only thing I’m pulling up is Abandonware sites. I don’t know if our kind benefactors would approve of me posting such a link, so I’m simply going to mention you should probably look in a site similar to the name of a badly animated cartoon from the 60’s.

EDIT- Should probably mention you’re going to need a Z-machine interpreter as well.

What’s abandonware? o.O & ehh, I’ll stay in chooseyourstory, some genius work in there~

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