Is there any other choose your own adventure kind of games out there?


Preferably one with a great story, like The Walking Dead game & the Wolf Among Us. Just wondering if there’s any more type of games like that out there, while I wait for the upcoming new Choice of Games/Hosted Games to come out.


I remember playing a pretty good one some time ago but I can’t remember what it was…


Hmm I’m not sure


None of them come close to the quality of CoG, they’re linear, and the customization is nonexistant but Delight Games has like 10, XS Gamebooks has Dating a Witch and Path of Light, and Attic Games has Warlock’s Bounty.


@Samuel_H_Young yeah I like Delight Games, I played the Zombie High series I’m waiting for Part4 to come out, & I played Superhero’s Choice & I’m waiting for Part 2


I like them, too, but like I said, the customization is nonexistant and they’re really linear. I mainly like them for the story, not the gameplay. They pale in comparison to the best of CoG, though.


@Samuel_H_Young I agree


Try Gamebook Adventures for a large selection. Many are pretty old-school, but they have several unique titles in genres like supernatural romance, sci-fi, and stuffed rabbit zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of zombies, The Sagittarian is a free series that’s pretty funny. Dead Man Walking is an epic free zombie CYOA. You might try other games there at <a href=">Choose Your Story as well.

Also, check this list for a few more interesting free CYOAs.


There’s a whole bunch of free ones on Android, including Lone Wolf by Joe Dever. Just search and you will find many. Not all are of good quality though


You should try out CYOA but i only liked endmasters games, and a few of the top rated.

They have goo length but not manyt choices


Try Eternal on that Choose Your Story link above. It’s full of epicness, action, and sadness. It also spans to like five hundred something years, I just finished it, and I’m almost crying. I was an epic ruler who went through a lot.


My ending was so sad but peaceful, because my character went through like 560 years of war, sadness, and when my character started to lighten up, more sadness


I have played many on chooseyourstory and 3-5% are really good. Some I would recommend are
Ground Zero
The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost

Many options and endings


Everything by EndMaster is entertaining and worth reading. Shit even his comments and forum posts are worth reading just for the sake of it.

There’s also Sorcery! and Sorcery! 2 with part 3 coming out soon for the mobile users.
Or you can try the Fabled Lands App
Or this there are some gems to be found even though some of them are not that good.
Or the Lone Wolf


I’ve got books 1-12 of Lone Wolf on my shelf–they’ve been a huge influence on my game-mastering and writing, and I warmly recommend them.


I’ve read the first four books on project aon website recently. They’re so interesting and addicting, especially when random events get introduced.


You could try Varytale:

The stories there are very well written, and not afraid to tackle “serious” themes… Unfortunately, some of them are unfinished and have been quiet for years.


whichlink? :)))))) i would be interested to know, although how they live that long beats me


perhaps you can help me figure out why ive a really hard time with most of the other chose your own story games, and their formet. i really like COG format :stuck_out_tongue: but still like choose yourown with eternal on it, gives a example of the kind of thing ive a problem playing


@jason_king, The site everyone is talking about is
You can also try out, they have a nifty collection of CYOA games that have inventory, locations, etc.

What problem are you having with choose your own adventure games? Dying too quickly?