Other CYOA/IF games?

I’ve searched Google Play and Google Chrome for text-based games.

I playedAlter Ego by Choose Multiple LLC and Serum(from a company I can’t remember) and other stuffs from the Web.

There are other stuffs, and i cant make a list of all of them.

Any other recommendations for these text-based games?


You can check out #off-topic:other-interactive-fiction


Amazon also has a good range of interactive fiction books both on kindle and physically if you search for interactive fiction there. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s the Fighting Fantasy line of games from Tin Man Games, an adaptation from the gamebook series of the same name.

There’s Inkle’s Sorcery! series and pretty much all their other games. They have graphics, but the crux of the matter is all text-based.

There’s also the Lifeline series, I think.

There’s a bunch of other things, too, but I can’t remember them offhand. Mainly I check https://gamebooknews.com/tag/interactive/ for news about digital text-based games that I don’t know about before.


Inkle’s 80 Days was very fun :slightly_smiling_face:
I went to the North Pole and died because our vehicle(The Icebreaker) broke down, i should have picked the baloon


There’s years worth of text based games in the IFComp comp and archives and some really good ones in there. (I can make recommendations, but most of the ones I liked didn’t end up in the top 10 so go figure :thinking:.) They’re free though so browse to your heart’s content.

Inkle’s stuff (like 80 days.)
Seedship (Web or app stores.)
Short interactive fiction on Sub-Q (I particularly liked After the Giant’s war, Lyreless, Teeth and Ice and Salt, but lots there and all free also.)
Delight games. (Add supported.)


Where can i access IFComp?

Here you go: Current entries (you can vote for your fav if you like :slight_smile: I haven’t had a chance to go through many due to being busy but Bogyman is good (if very dark and a bit weird) and Animalia’s pretty trippy (You’re forest animals in a kid shaped construct, trying to pretend to be a human.)

The IFComp archive from previous comps is here: Archive (From memory this one was very good to start with Brain Guzzlers, and this one Arcane Intern, but there’s a lot there. Variable quality same as any comp, but some are very good.


On IFComp, i decided to play a game called Campfire Tales it wont play everytime i press continue it doesn’t load.

Yeah I think there’s something wrong with it. That was the first game I tried to play there and it loaded then jammed up and wouldn’t continue.

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There are no other CYOA titles. Buy our stuff!

Seriously though, I also recommend the interactive fiction subreddit. It’s not exactly hopping with activity, but it gets a lot of different formats and people posting there.


Shame. It would’ve been a great game


I bought like dozens and now counting yours truly Nuclear Powered Toaster


Thanks muchly! If you had to slum it with my story you really must be hard up for new material!


I completed the Fiorella path, i had to resign :upside_down_face: and i killed Mistress Solus so i got the achivement Eclipsed

Also, the old lady in the middle was that Solus


I know. Fiorella and the ship came out great. Solus was not quite as I desired in the picture. I do like Jack’s work, and we created several of these characters together back when we first started the NPT webcomic all those years ago. We just aren’t great collaborators.

You could try the games from Telltale but there not making games anymore :disappointed_relieved:


surprised that no one has mentioned Fallen London yet-- that’s an absolutely brilliant (and free!) browser game with some incredible writing, even if it can feel a bit grindy. (their games Sunless Sea and Cultist Simulator are also both fantastic, but they have too much gameplay in them to be considered CYOA games)


My gamebook apps Westward Dystopia and Spire Ablaze are both on Google play!


You should definitely check out the Lifeline game series on the app store or google play. Each of the game is intertwined and the story (if you play it in order of when it came out) will be like a timeline of the events that has happened in the game. Like the hows, whats, and whys will be revealed slowly one by one as the games keep coming out.

BUT… Idk what has happened with the game company or the project itself, as they haven’t been releasing the continuation of the series in years now :frowning: AND you also have to purchase the games, so it’s not free but it IS worth every penny, i guarantee.