Other CYOA/IF games?


Where do i play the games from the other years on IFComp only 2018 are in here?


Sorcery! is so so good, I cannot recommend it enough


Here are last year’s, and you can click back to the previous years from there.


Even though it’s more a classic CYOA than an actual gamebook, I highly recommend Ryan North’s To Be or Not to Be. Hamlet is much improved with ghost wars and the option to be a pirate king.


Ectocomp, the annual horror-themed IF contest, has begun! I’m particularly excited to take a look at Emily Short, Eleanor Hingley, and Caleb Wilson’s games, and it’s fantastic that there are so many entries this year. Do take a look and vote!


I suggest 80 Days from Inkle, you basically travel the world

Also, what happened to the last reply with a link about Sorcery!


If you love magic Magium is very good


I have that installed and it’s a nice one though a bit linear but it’s it’s engaging.


I really enjoy Choice Of and choose your own adventure style games. I’ve recently found some game books that mix choose your own adventure style narrative with tabletop rpg dice rolls, etc.

Does anyone else know of any other pc games or mobile games that have the choose your own adventure style? The more in depth the better.



There are lots of recommendations in this thread - definitely have a look through there!