Recommendations for other IF

Well howdy my fellow readers like you all I also love (very much) choice based games i accidentally stumble upon a choice of game in Play Store war for the west pretty damn good game then I stumbled upon others the tournament, children of the gods , fallen hero and many other good sht thers are plenty out their and I ran out of stock mostly played all the ones in choice of games or in hosted games,

Wat am looking for are similar websites like these like dashingdon , choose your own story these the 2 only i know if anyone got any websites like do reply i don’t need the games to fully complete or anything demo is fine to nowdays usually quench my thirst with mostly dashingdon demo and sometimes chk out authr here or in Tumblr and all ,
Well if you got any do send and reply also don’t give similar kinda website like both sites got the same stori only kinda want different stories

Also do recommend if there are other apps like choice of games or hosted games those 2 only i know i don’t mind if that if paid or free if you got any do reply :+1: well thanks ya :smile:and , praise the sun :joy:


This thread keeps track of games made with twine and posted on You could also check out the interactive fiction database

You did not mention Hearts Choice. This label is also of choice of games, you can find the omnibus app in the app store


There are various narrative mobile games around, often romance, like Choices, Chapters, Episodes, Tales, Whispers, and Romance Club. Their model is free to play with premium cosmetic or storyline choices and they tend to be more linear than the games here (though aren’t always). As @Nemorah says there is lots of IF on and various other links/discussions in the Other Interactive Fiction section here, which I’ve moved your thread to.

Thx dude will check out also remembered about heart choice i thnk it’s mostly romance am more into story and romance as second preference

Thx Hannah will check out these :+1:, you moderator might have more knowledge if you got any similar websites like dashingdon but different stories than dashing dondo tell :+1:

IFDB is your friend here. There you can check out various IF by medium / language (parser, choice, Inform, TADS, Adrift, Twine, Ink, Texture…), by author, by genre, etc.

The IF Comp and Spring Thing are the two major yearly IF events where one can participate by reviewing, and if you’re game, entering a work of your own. There are plenty of good stuff there. Last year’s IFComp had four Choicescript entries, so that is a good place to begin with. is the place to be for interactive fiction discussion. CoG/HC/HG is just the tip of the vast iceberg. Yes, CYS is also related, but there are tons of places, if you know where to look.

As for Tumblr, some have said that there are a significant number of sites with ROs and lore, but no demo- clearly the author-to-be hasn’t started moving yet, and that’s a pity.

Oh yes, there’s always Delight Games if you so fancy. That’s all for now, I’m leaving the exploration as an exercise for the reader!

These may have shallow content, compared to traditional IF. Reader discretion is heavily advised.

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Yes, and be wary of spending money on them as the microtransactions can ramp up.

Has some good twine games.

I’m going to focus on completed interactive IF recs

On play store:
Everything by Delight Games - has completed versions of choice games, similar to the published hg and cog.
Magium - published by an indie developer since 2016. 3 books are finished, currently waiting for the fourth one to start releasing on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Not on play store:
Something a Little Super - written and published by the same writer of Blood Moon and Thicker Than (if you’ve read those)
I’d also recommend some other games but I don’t have any idea if you are a minor or not so I’ll steer away from games which contain NSFW.

Well, most have been recommended until now, but I’d include for completed IF games, from any genre you like (be careful on the grimdark genre, as there are some games which include some… violent elements, if you are sensitive to that), but my advice is to go for the highest rating ones of each genre. Though I need to note that, as far as I’ve perused the list, except for Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost, most games there won’t include character costumization simply for cosmetic purposes. If you like to read a lot and don’t mind having less choices but more impactful one (+ having some “death” endings in some games) than this one is for you. I’d give you a list of recommendations from there myself, but I have no idea what genre you may like, so go through the list yourself.

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Oh wow, I haven’t thought about Delight in a while. I actually thought they were defunct tbh. Guess I’ll have to redownload the library and see what’s up.

I’m always amazed at how little IF fans talk about Inkle’s Sorcery series. They’re some of my favorite video games of all time, bar none, right behind only like Red Dead II and BG3. The story is adapted from old choose your own adventure books, it has a really charming nostalgic fantasy feel. You have so much freedom of choice it’s ridiculous, you essentially just wander however you like across a cool hand-drawn fantasy map with a whole book of spells constantly at your fingertips. It’s 90% text but we’re all used to that here, and the accompanying art, sounds, and minigames make it really engaging. Very D&D-like. It’s not as character focused as a lot of CS games are, but there are a few seriously excellent recurring characters you can seek out across the games that have weighty and interesting stories/relationships to you. I especially like the deity system, it has a unique pantheon of funky gods and spirits that you can worship. You start off with a spirit guide that changes its animal form based on the choices you make, like a jackal for cunning characters etc. There are literally 55 possible animal forms for the spirit, and this doesn’t even include the pantheon of human gods. The scale of this game is astounding.

I could probably go on and on about it forever but I’ll shut up and let you be pleasantly surprised instead. 10/10 writing 10/10 gameplay 10/10 Flanker . pls play


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Recommendations for games like,the great tournament, war for the west ,no need t be choice of games r hosted cause have played majority of the games that comes under this genre there , mainly looking for games like that in others platform twine or Itcho or any other u ppl know

There is a massive thread for recommendations of Twine and other IF projects.

See the above responses. Alternatively, you could take the next step in your IF journey: creating your own. Plenty of people here and on intfiction have already started. You could be next!