Websites like this?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know of any other websites like this? Also:

I have zero interest in DashingDon as they do not have a WIP tag. It is annoying to get really into a game that and not be able to finish it because a)the game is abandoned or b)the game just isn’t finished. Websites like that DEF need a ‘WIP’ tag as a requirement.

Also, I’m looking for games where you can customize gender. Chooseyourstory won’t work because it’s gender-locked. I don’t mind if it’s not free, just would like to have more freedom and, while I love this amazing website, I tend to finish the stories too fast!

Thanks to anyone who has insight.


To be fair, if you find the stories through the links on the forum, you should know which ones are WIPs or not.

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I mean…Dashingdon is literally a CoG WIP hosting site.


I said websites like this. There was no reason to link the same website, lol…

I didn’t realize that. It just seems like it’s a website with mostly abandoned projects. If a WIP hasn’t been worked on in 5 years, I don’t really have huge confidence that it will be complete while I’m a young man.

I literally began a WIP, began college, finished college, and it’s not even close to being done.


When you say “like this”, I’m gonna assume you’re looking for more sites that have interactive fiction games?

If you’re looking for more games in Choicescript specifically–its just Choice of Games and Hosted Games. Dashingdon might have some finished games in there somewhere but for the most part, like @Samuel_H_Young said, that’s a site specifically for hosting works in progress that, once finished, will be submitted to Hosted Games (or, rarely, Choice of Games). You can browse the forum for what WIPs are more recent/active, but if you’re just looking for finished works …

Personally, I’ve only ever played interactive fiction through CoG and a very very small handful of visual novels. But the forum does have a section for other interactive fiction, and if you look through there you can find recommendations


So. Hold up. You want us to point you to a site full of FREE finished games because the WIP website contains WIPs?


The Interactive Fiction Database has a very large collection and variety of games, free and commercial, and is pretty meticulously tagged. The annual Interactive Fiction Competition is a treasure trove of narrative games and its 24th year goes live on the 1st October. The previous years’ entries are very much worth looking at too.

Do take a look at sub-Q Magazine as well if you haven’t already - there’s a nice archive of games that have built up over the years (in terms of games by CoG forum-goers there, you can find some pieces by me and one by @Jacic! There’s also a short game by Caleb Wilson, author of Cannonfire Concerto).


Welp, there goes the rest of my Sunday, lol


There wouldn’t be anything five years old on dashingdon :confused: the site isn’t that old :confused:

I guess this was crossposted on the dashingdon thread as well, where I said this…

Note also that WiPs on dashingdon typically have a link saying “discuss this game” which will lead to the forum thread. You can use that to get a better idea if the project’s still being worked on.


Thanks! One of the best responses, and thanks for taking me seriously.

What the hell? Where the hell did I say ‘I wanted them to be free’?

I SPECIFICALLY said ‘I don’t mind if they aren’t free’, did I not?

That is true, and that is one of the first things I look for.

That isn’t always the case, however, sometimes it says in the Title ‘Demo’ or ‘WIP’.

I wish that DashingDon had a ‘WIP’ tag, since a lot of games like ‘Highland: Deep Waters’ are on there and they’re finished.

THank you! I’d love to browse this website. It reminds me somewhat of Wattapp.

Which stories have you written on here? I’d love to read them as well!

I think that a WiP tag really would be going at it in the wrong direction since that’s the default. Most stuff on dashingdon is going to be a WiP. A “completed game” tag would be more useful… because if you’re actively seeking completed games, that’ll be simpler to check, and won’t get false positives in the case of people forgetting to tag.

Also, instead of posting a bunch of consecutive posts, it’s preferable if you put them in a single post. You can quote multiple replies in a single post.


Yep. Also, @Ivan, if you want, you can just @ someone and respond, then @ someone else and respond.
It makes less clutter like @TSSL was saying. :slight_smile:


I made Blood Money, and I’m currently working on Crème de la Crème. The teaser is a section from the first chapter.

Here’s a link to a list of my non-CoG work!

What the above posters have said about multiple responses :slight_smile:

And like @Samuel_H_Young and @TSSL mentioned, DashingDon is a CoG WIP hosting site - so you can assume that all games there are WIPs. However, if you’d like to know which are ‘active’ (that is, those that have a higher chance of seeing completion), you can check out the WIP thread too:


Oh yeah, and if you follow that category, you can see which are most recently updated, see new ones coming up, participate in discussion and provide feedback to help improve them as they’re coming out… plus if authors get a lot of energy around their work that might decrease chances of abandoning projects anyway… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’d say it’s more useful to track the threads than to track the dashingdon website :man_shrugging:t2:


Well, you are demanding a wip tag because you browsed dashingdon and a lot of stuff there is not finished.
So you are asking for a tag that let’s you know which games you can play fully w/o paying for them