Any long demos?

Does anyone know any long demos or discontinued stories? I’ve read all of the ones in dashingdon and i can’t find any more stories. Please let me know if any are available.


If you’ve read literally every one on dashingdon, then no. That’s currently the only site hosting Choicescript projects, other than the ones for sale through the website proper–either their main line or hosted games

Otherwise, the forum has a work in progress section that you can browse, and if you’re specifically looking for discontinued stories and not just unfinished stories, there’s a thread of folks’ favorite dead WIPs


Also, it’d be kind if you could hop into the active WIP threads and give some feedback?


Not all of the WIPs are actually published on dashingdon. Dashingdon gives the writers the option to either publish the game on the site for everyone to see, or keep the game hidden, so it’s only visible to people who have the link. I think the majority of writers choose to keep the game hidden, and post the link to the demo in their WIP threads, so don’t worry, if you browse the WIP threads, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of demos that you haven’t played yet. :blush: