Recommendations for other IF

Ooh Sorcery! Just got into it, only finished the first on but as soon as I finished it I bought the second haha. It’s so good!

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Yess, love the second game! It’s so dense that it makes the first game book seem so tiny lol. 3 is my favorite, but the whole series is well worth it. Enjoy!!

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Looking for input from someone who has more knowledge about parser games and ifdb than I do: I’m looking for parser games with menu-based conversations. Preferably freely available ones. Doesn’t matter what they’re about, I just need some examples about how it looks like for my master’s thesis.

Apart from the ones mentioned I’d also suggest early game Fallen London (late game gets too grindy but the earlier stuff is great.)
There are some nice steam games out there like 80 Days

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Galatea by Emily Short is conversation focused - that would be a good one to look at.

Not sure if it’s free but if I remember right the 1990s version of Wizadry The Dark Savant had something like that.

Also not really parser games, but Calling Cipher and most of Rin’s games via Larky Labs have some amazing conversation pieces.

I may take a look at them at some point, but for now my interest is purely technical - I’m collecting samples of different types and combinations of input methods - so I’m afraid quality of writing doesn’t remove the parser requirement! (It might matter when I’m deciding between two games that are mechanically similar input-wise, but not otherwise.)

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Fair enough. I’d stand by my early recomendation of Wizardy: The Dark Savant if you can find it . . . beyond that I honestly try to avoid parser games, as they always feel kind of frustrating to me on trying to guess what I should be typing, but looking into it further itch has the following tagged under parsers - not sure of quality of these games or how on the parser tag actually is though: Top games tagged parser -

good luck on your project

I’d recommend this one: Alltarach by Wild Island (

It’s a historical, mythology text-based bit of IF set roughly in 6th century Ireland where you can decide the fate and bonds between a brother and sister and what will become of them.

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Note that this was also submitted to Spring Thing 2024. There are plenty of other good entries, not just the ones from the CoG side. Have fun!