Fav IF that arent COGs?

Not super sure this is allowed soooo the powers that be can absolutely delete this if necessary BUUUUT while I find COG’s games superior…have you read any other IFs that you LOVE/Would recommend?

I dug:

YOU make choices for Snow White in a text adventure of vampires and teen angst!

YOU make the choices for Snow White in a text adventure set in modern times. Romance, comedy, vampires, death, and high school drama!

Delight Games has teamed up with author RaShelle Workman to create a game version of her hit full-length novel “Blood and Snow (Book 1)”. As you read the story, you make choices for the main character (Snow White). Can you survive to the end? Can you get the high score for each part? Can you unlock the nearly 50 achievements including the “Daddy Issues” and “Crushing Move” achievement?
Comedy, romance, adventure–it’s all here!


YOU make the choices in this gamenovel! Monsters, conspiracy, and treachery!

You make the choices for the main character in this text-based gamebook, based on the Amazon-featured novel “Frost” by Kate Avery Ellison.

It’s not easy to survive in the Frost. There is the cold, quota to be made, and so many rules to obey. Oh, and then there are the Watchers, the monsters in the forest. They come out at night…Mostly at night. They always kill and it is said that nothing can stop them.

You play Lia Weaver, a young woman orphaned by the Watchers, who is now the head of her family. It’s up to Lia to look after her brother and sister, no easy task in the Frost, especially living out in the forest where the Watchers are. If this weren’t enough, it’s not long before Lia finds herself entangled with a young man from another world. That’s when the the real mystery and danger begins!

Have you ever read a novel and wondered what would happen if the main character did something else? Now you can make the choices and see what happens. Be careful, though. Death is always near.

Additional features:
:heavy_check_mark: A full-length novel. You thought you’re just playing a game? Well, you’re also reading a novel. High-brow AND fun.
:heavy_check_mark: Dozens of achievements, from challenging to silly.
:heavy_check_mark: No-wifi, no problem.
:heavy_check_mark: Small download and easy on your battery.
:heavy_check_mark: Accessible to blind users (e.g. Talkback compatible).


Do Until Dawn and Oxenfree count as interactive fiction? /joke

EDIT: Oh, also, I love David Cage games. They’re so bad they’re good. Yeah, I said it.


Add the classic Lone Wolf to the list, please.
And also some from Fighting Fantasy Classics. I have them on my steam library, but it’s been a long time since that abrupt insta-death section *rant rant



  • Oxenfree
  • Batman: The Telltale Series/The Enemy Within
  • Tales From The Borderlands
  • The Wolf Among Us
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Heavy Rain
  • 80 Days


  • Fabled Lands
  • Click Your Poison Series (Infected, Murdered, Superpowered)
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
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Dude…Telltale was my JAM…i am so sad. :frowning: Just played Walking Dead Final Season ep 3 today:(


I could never get into WD quite the same way as some other series (and have yet to play New Frontier or the Final Season, plan to do it all in one run). More sad about Telltale not getting to complete their Batman trilogy really (to the extent I have mentally mapped out ideas for how a final season might have gone, including the idea of a completely different opening episode depending on your final choice in Enemy Within). Part of me hopes Warner could pick up both TT Batman and Wolf Among Us S2…

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I like Tin Man’s Choices! It’s an omnibus with 2 completed games and 1 in progress. :slight_smile:


One of my favorites is http://chooseyourstory.com/story/the-price-of-freedom~3a-innocence-lost, on choose your story.


A WOLF AMONG US is my fav…season 2 ep 1 was supposed to be released right as Telltale went bankrupt…it HAS to be out there somewhere :frowning: #Gimme

Also i have been a Batman fan since…birth. my FAV Batman game os Telltale. Also, I didnt get in to the BORDERLANDS games, but the Telltale one was spectacular! I haven’t played their GUARDIANS game yet…any good? I love the movies…also, is 80 Days on console? What is that one about?

The following are what I consider IF, and were some of my favorite games of last year.
Unavowed by Wadjet Eye - There are actually branching paths, and what have you in this game. It is as wide reaching as a CoG, but I enjoyed it.

The Shapeshifting Detective - This is an FMV game, so this limits some of the IF part but it does have some variation on ‘who dunnit’. It even has some limited romances (more of crushes), and what can I say, I was amused by the Chief.

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug the non-CoG work of @HannahPS! As far as free, small but emotionally punchy IF goes, it’s awesome!

For other commercial stuff though - Seedship has a wonderful blend of difficult choice, feelings and planning. And deliciously fun to play over and over to get the best ending for your settlers!


The Guardians of the Galaxy game is really good actually, feel guilty I don’t have it on my list… but it does a great job of letting you decide how Star Lord’s relationships with the various Guardians is like and if drastically changes the story - I was impressed in the final episode when I was trying to convince Drax to help me and he called me out about the fact I had never supported him in any decision I made, which was true. The final episode also differs significantly depending on a big decision you made in Episode 3. So if you like the Guardians or want a fun adventure give it a try!

80 Days is an IOS title by Ink Studios where you play Passepartout in a steampunkish adaptation of Round The World In 80 Days, helping Phillias Fogg to complete his challenge whilst selecting where to go and what to do in the time you have. It’s immensely fun and replayable and updates have added new locations like travelling to the North Pole or even the Moon!

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My favorites are probably Ground Zero, Necromancer, and Eternal by EndMaster.
Eternal is amazing. It is a CYOA online-classic for a very good reason, and the amount of work that must have gone into it is awe-inspiring. The fact that he wrote that and shared it with the world for free is something that never ceases to humble and amaze me.
Necromancer and Ground Zero are also great. It has been a while since I have read Ground Zero, but it introduced me to the wide variety of paths a CYOA could have. I made a choice that I thought woukd lead to an early death, and it only opened up another path even more amazing than the others. In Necromancer, you get to become the Great Lich Lord. 'Nuff said.
Some others I have greatly enjoyed are Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost and Love SICK (probably the greatest romance of the past five centuries).


@FayI is very kind :blush:

Lots of good recs here! I’ll add a few…

For free short browser IF I recommend having a look at sub-Q Magazine where I and @Jacic are published; I also really enjoy Reigns: Her Majesty which is a very funny inexpensive mobile game about being a queen in a fantasy-medieval setting. I have a lot of love for anything by Brendan Patrick Hennessey, Katherine Morayati, Bruno Dias, Cat Manning, Kevin Snow and Astrid Dalmady - you can play a lot of their work for free, or get Voyageur by Bruno Dias for a fairly small cost.

There’s also Ladykiller in a Bind by Christine Love which is extremely NSFW (you’ll quickly know whether you’ll be into it based on the trailer) and is an excellent visual novel with great conversation mechanics.


Oh awesome, I know what I am doing today…thanks so much!!!

Ohhh, thanks for that link to Sub-Q there, didn’t know that existed and there’s a couple of interesting games on there, might even consider doing a short one with Choicescript or Twine if the muse presents itself…

@Jender That’s awesome, hope you enjoy it! Star Lord is actually played by the same fella who played Luke in Season 2 of Walking Dead.


Seven Bullets and Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! series.


Open Sorcery. Where you play as a magical firewall. It’s on Steam.


I enjoy a lot Telltale’s games (The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands are my favs) and other IFs like Beyond Two Souls, Life is Strange and Detroit. I also enjoy visual novels/otome games like Lovestruck games and Longstory.

As for something with more text and less images, I like a lot Birdland, as well Known Unknows, from the same author. They’re free games.

And for something, let’s say, in-between, I like 10pm. It was my favourite IF Contest entry of 2017 and I still can’t believe how underrated this is. It is also free.