Other choice of games that are not listed on website

looking for good story and choices
does not matter if i have to pay
no betas
and has to work with google chrome
if you got any links let me know
and not the ones posted on the cog website i already have those

this is a good one. there is TON of stuff do do but its easy to die. be careful

http://chooseyourstory.com/Default.aspx has some good games in it, I don’t know about anyone elses preferences but I particularly enjoyed the homo perfectus series, eternal, and necromancer.


I got a pretty awkward start… Its like “Your stranded on a beach…but you find a dead corpse of a sea creature with the top half of a fish and the bottom half of a human woman” Im scarred for life now T.T

Here are a few sites with story-based games that use somewhat different systems but might appeal to ChoiceScript fans:

Varytale (very polished and a similar feel to ChoiceScript, not many games though)

StoryNexus (looser narrative structure than ChoiceScript games, limited number of actions per day)

TwineHub (haven’t played most of these myself - they seem to tend more in the direction of artsy hypertext fiction than the more adventure/RPG feel of ChoiceScript games)

I’m linking to a few games on Kongregate below. There probably are more CYOA style games there but these are what I remember. All of these are flash.

The Sagittarian is a free Zombie game. I think it’s up to part 4 now. http://www.kongregate.com/games/Hyptosis/the-sagittarian

Dead Frontier - Outbreak is another Zombie CYOA game. I think there’s two parts to this one. Zombies are popular. http://www.kongregate.com/games/JaggedBladeSoft/dead-frontier-outbreak

Thousand Dollar Soul - is seriously disturbing from what I remember. http://www.kongregate.com/games/greg/thousand-dollar-soul

Relive Your Life is not quite a CYOA since there are really annoying minigames but it’s close. http://www.kongregate.com/games/Fr0z3nf1r3/relive-your-life


Yah, Part 4 is out :stuck_out_tongue: You just named two of my fav games Dead Frontier outbreak and Sagittarian, Im thinking about doing a game like Blooming rose by the guy who did Sagittarian

I like Saggitarian.

Console types include; The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain.

Potentially Beyond: Two Souls - David cage’s game but it might not be as straightforward as HR.

A different spin on it is; Rebuild 1 and 2 by Sarah Northway on Kongregate or Armorgames, although not strictly traditional ‘choice of’ its a pretty good attempt at weaving story with a management sim. I think 3 is already in production and if its following the fan survey will include an even heavier focus on choices and storylines.

Rebuild did have some pretty cool choices like some of your followers might go ape shit and crazy and start a cult and you have to stop them, and other things

Rebuild also allowed for you to have your entire community embrace cannibalism as one of the ways to survive the winter months. It even counts as one of the ways to “win” the game.

To my knowledge the others were:

Defeating the raiders
Re-establishing the government
Completely wiping out the zombies on the map
Escaping the city with a handful of survivors in a helicopter
Escaping to a cabin in the woods with your first survivor

I think there was a cure ending and another ending as well.

Cure ending,
Religious Cult ending

I think that’s it…

Wasn’t the religious cult ending an “Oh, it seems we’re all dead” ending?

Erm, been a while since I played it. I think it was the “oh, let’s all go hug a zombie” ending, where you all go sacrifice yourselves and get turned into a zombie.

I think you get railroaded on that ending if you don’t smack the survivor who suggests something to do early on about a day of the dead or something.

Lmfao Hug zombies! Brilliant idea who ever suggested that was a true genius!

were is this rebuild game mentioned few post up

@whocares916 http://www.kongregate.com/games/sarahnorthway/rebuild

and there is a rebuild 2 on that site after you’re done with rebuild 1 and I heard rebuild 3 will be out soon

walking dead choice game:


Walking dead Survival instincts was a horrible game X_X and also im not a huge Fan of Walking dead Ill watch it but isnt the guy Norman Reedus plays name Deryl instead of Daryl? like everyone keeps spamming? it’s one of those confusing things that everyone has spammed like the whole Tobi vs. Madara thing… everytime you look up Tobi you get Madara Pics and when you look up Tobi you get Madara pics

“Everytime you look up Tobi you get Madara pics and when you look up Tobi you get Madara pics” … Yeah looking up the same thing twice will generally do that, although you mean it reverse

No, they arent the same thing O.o someone is behind on Naruto.