Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I presume it’s this game;

Thank you I couldn’t find it at all.

I’m trying to remember the title of this WIP that was around a few years ago. You played as a royal (I think you were the heir to the throne) with a very loving, caring father (if I’m correct, he was the King) and an awful, neglecting mother. The demo ended right around the time you found out your mother was pregnant, and you were going to have a younger sister.

It was very well-written, and thus, very popular, but I’m pretty sure it’s no longer being worked on.


Did it involve being a bastard child and maybe having supernatural powers bc of your mom and the queen being your stepmom and your step siblings not really liking you? And on some point you… Run away alone or with your brother’s wife… And your bff tries to stop you?

Because I have no idea how that game was called (or if it’s the same game, even) but if anyone knows, please help.

I don’t think it’s the same game lmao but that sounds sick, now I want to play it, too.

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@AdmirableAnimation is probably thinking of The Unwanted Warrior, which does seem to match your description! Or rather, your description seems to match an older version of it, as the current demo continues quite a bit past the younger half-sister’s introduction.


That’s the one! Thank you!


is that One Thousand Blooms by Lycoris?

Do note that the author took down the demo to probably concentrate on Nothing Left (to Burn).

EDIT: It was also titled “The Purple Desire” before the rename.


Thank you, but nope! I’m beginning to suspect I imagined the whole thing hahahah

Here’s a few more things about it: I remember the game had a Tumblr page and it was going to have a bunch of different personality traits the MC could have. I also remember the sister was eventually going to marry some guy that the MC could have an affair with.

Oh, and the author once said on the forum that, everytime someone asked them about the update, they’d postpone it for a week.

I think that’s all :sob:

Lol to the postponed part :joy::joy:


I also believe it is One Thousand Blooms!

Odd. i checked the forum thread for that game and apparently there is a post that mentions of an affair with the sibling’s spouse and another that mentions the delay for a week. i can’t vouch for the tumblr because it could have been deleted.

Unless the game had a scene with an uncomfortable family dinner and an uncle giving the MC a pack of marshmallow (if the MC talked to him) then maybe it is a different game.

Sorry if i can’t help.

My apologies, you and @theresnoway are right. It’s One Thousand Blooms! I guess I didn’t recognize it because I used to be able to play the demo, but, like you said, the author closed it.

Shame. :sob: Nothing left (to Burn) has great writing as well, but it’s not really my cup of tea. Thank you, though! Sorry I’m an idiot lmao


Heya! Guys may I ask anybody who knows the title of this WIP which you are a vampire in a zombie apocalypse? :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


@HectorPX this one?


Too bad it’s on hiatus. It’s still my favourite WIP out there.

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Yeah she put it on Hiatus because she’s working on Shepard’s Of Haven witch is a pretty good WIP you should check it out.


Yes it is! Thank you very much!!

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Hi I’m not sure if I’m in the right place but I’m trying to find a book that I used to read and would love to find it
It was a choose your own ending story and it had a adventure style sheet in the back where you would write down things you picked up and who you battled along the way all i remember from the book is you meet a old wise man a lumberjack you have to fight and then I know theres a dragon along the way

Any help would be appreciated
Many thanks

Not familiar with it, but you could try Reddit; there’s a sub for interactive fiction where you might get some answers.