Villain: The Catalyst [Minor Update and Poll - 09/08/18 - ]

Villain: The Catalyst - Book One

Mutants, powered people, powerheads, super people, mega-humans . . . freaks. Many names exist, but one thing was for sure, they weren’t human and therefore they weren’t accepted. Ever since the first mutant came out to the public, humanity has rejected and feared the idea. Now, decades later, and little has changed. Humanity tolerates your kind because they have to. And like in all stories, heroes rose and though still gained nervous glares, were loved. While others, mutants such as yourself, were left to pick up the hatred that humanity so badly needed to give.

You live in Davenport, one of the largest super cities in the world, and soon to be the location of where it all begins. You’re a villain, born into the life thanks to your parents, and simply because of your status as a mutant. All your life you’ve been told what you will become, and frankly you haven’t really questioned it much. But, when you’re caught and sent to an academy for both villains and heroes, created by the government, you can feel something amidst. And before you know it, you’re thrown into something you never asked for. Something bigger than you, your parents, heroes and villains alike, and the government.

Will you be the spark, or the extinguisher for what is to come?

• Play as male, female, or non-binary.
• Romance eight different mutants with unique backgrounds.
• Help your team become a team, or push them farther apart. Help others find love or spark new friendships, or make it all worse.
• Discover clues and uncover what you believe is a government conspiracy.
• Train and hone both your skills and powers, and become one of the most powerful mutants to ever live.
• Upgrade and unlock unique powers and skills to further yourself along the way.
• Choose an allegiance and be loyal, or work as a double agent, or even pit one against the other.
• Try and stop a deadly looming war.
• Multiple endings that all come with their own consequences.

Link to Game:

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As always, feedback and critiques are welcomed with open arms and if you have any questions then throw em at me. If there’s a stat that you’re curious about or confused by, please tell me cos then I can just add that to the Resources and Terms stat page. Character designs are coming and if enough people would like, I can share the character template that I’m using so you can make your own character on it.


Nice seems pretty interesting

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Very interesting narrative and the stats distribution looks stable and well thought out. I look forward to tracking the progress of this project of yours.

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Grammatical errors

“And getting hit in the head with rocks will? If not for him safety, then for all of us. One of these days he’s not going to go down silently and they’ll have the evidence needed to turn her into the government.”

“We’ll handle that if it happens. He’s tougher than you think. The best way to teach him how to control him powers is this way. That and there’s a life lesson in this. This is one of those moments where we have to stop being parents and start being him mentors.” You hear your father sigh in agreement.

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There’s an error when you get to choose your gender on all of the gender options the error occurs


this entire choice doesn’t work

You slam your fist on the wall, pounding it repeatedly as you cry out. You hate to get cliché, especially in a moment like this, but there was so much that you had wanted to do that you never got the chance to.
Becoming the villain, you were always meant to be.
Telling . . . telling that person how you truly felt . . .
One last talk with your parents, just to know the truth.
Changing the world.

I would argue you change it to

You slam your fist on the wall, pounding it repeatedly as you cry out. You hate to get cliché, especially in a moment like this, but there was so much that you had wanted to do that you never got the chance to:
Become the villain, you were always meant to be.
Tell . . . tell that person how you truly felt . . .
Have one last talk with your parents, just to know the truth.
Change the world.

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This project has great potential and I look forward to future updates.

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Just to make sure, when you say the choice doesn’t work you mean to just change the wording of some things or do you mean the choice leads to an error?

@syd969 I probably messed it up when I changed the genders from the previous errors, I fixed it. Thank you.


found one thing

My mc is male.

I also have one question, what the different between mc and the “gifted” people? :thinking:


Seems interesting so far

the problem was the wording


The gifted are those who have at least one parent as a hero, and they’re expected to follow in their footsteps more or less.


What exactly is the mc power?

Let the surprise be a surprise little one

this looks cool i also saw the art on your deviantart page so Im excited about this:smile:


Looking good so far!

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Superpowers is a pretty overused genre, something I attribute to the success of the Heroes trilogy.
Still, the whole thing about this being an origin story for a villain is new enough to make me interested. Would be nice to see the story play out, unlike so many other dead hero fics.

I guess the pitfall to avoid is trying too hard to make this story about the superpowers. No matter how flashy you make them, there is nothing about superpowers or heroes/villains that you can do new. They’ve all been deconstructed, reconstructed, slanted, and played straight dozens of times over in the past year alone.

Instead, I suggest focusing on the people in the world. People are always going to be more interesting than superpowers, heroes, villains, and all variations thereof. You can have a great story with great characters, and you can have a bad story with great characters, but you cannot have a great story with bad characters. Try to put people first, that’s what audiences get invested in and is pretty much the only thing you can do that will be different from every other story.

Then again, what do I know? All I am is a guy with a phone.


I’ll also probably post the character art there before it shows up in game :grin:

@VioletHikari lol like @Ramar_Blood said I was gonna try and not tell you guys, it’ll pop up in the next chapter I’m pretty sure since you actually start using them.

@Interestedparty I fully agree, one of the reasons I was wary of starting and going forward with this project. I feel like superpower stories are everywhere, and it’s so easy to fall into a cliche. Thank you for the character advice, I agree and I’ll try to make that one of the foremost points. I would love to see your thoughts on them once they get established and what not.


Well, that’s good to read.

So because I’m the kind of person who feels like inflicting his opinion on the world and thinking anyone cares about it, this is usually the part where I tell the story of my character. Serves as a way to satisfy my ego and hopefully give helpful feedback by giving an example of things players do to the creator.

So this is the story of Lucy Dainzo (Future villain name: Ajin) (Working name).
Lucy is a quiet, calculated, and cold person. Her experiences as a child taught her a great deal of unfortunate things about humanity and was taught by everyone that she was something separate from them. Over time, she became really glad of the separation. She wanted nothing to do with that race of cruel cowards.
As her father always told her, she was better then them. She was something greater. And she would share that greatness with the world.

In the beginning, it was stated her goal was to change the world. As she grows up, this will probably form into a desire to rid the world of all humanity and create a land of only mutants. Her view of humans is so low, that she doesn’t even consider killing them to be murder. In her mind, only mutants matter, and by the end she’ll consider her hands completely clean of blood unless there’s mutant blood on them. Humans aren’t anything worthwhile, killing them is no more significant than killing a pack of wild animals to make way for civilization to settle on the land. They’re obstacles. They’re pests.

Because of this, she will originally swear to never kill a mutant, because she doesn’t want murder on her conscience (as described before, killing humans is not murder). Whether this code of ethics survives will be later determined.

Bit baseline, since I’m not sure how events will play out so I stuck to general ideals and goals. More as the story goes on, I suppose.


This part kind of reminded me of ATLA’s Fire Nation. Huh…