Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Was it After the Storm? its a post apocalypse and one of the ROs is a deaf sculptor who uses sign. It’s a complete hosted game

I think you’re looking for Conspiracy In Emerson


With what I remember. Your gender locked female and have an husband and you start with going to visit your friend who’s also gender locked female. The friend also get sick and you also consider going back to your husband but I forgot why. The friend is also an RO I think

Is it maybe Wilhelmina?


Yeah it is thanks

MC is a child of villains and has Shadow powers?? There was a fellow villain friend. They fight heros and stuff.

Edit: nvm I found it! https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/villain-the-catalyst-minor-update-and-poll-09-08-18/31873?u=loomy


I recall that the author might’ve cancelled or taken down their WIP, but I’m wondering if it’s still playable, I just can’t remember the title.
The story is about a high schooler MC who plots revenge against their past bullies, one of their drives is the suicide of their best friend.

The title would be Nothing left to burn, though unfortunately the demo/WIP has been deleted.

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I’m looking for a game where you play a Frankenstein-like monster brought back from the dead. It’s by the same guy who wrote Challenger of Tomorrow.

That would be “The Mysteries of Baroque”

Can anyone help me find Fallen Hero Retribution in the HG app cause I am pretty sure it has been released and I am having trouble finding it

It’s not released.

Okay my bad then I thought it was

It’s not even on the list of upcoming games. Maybe we can expect a release sometime in 2023 :v

The game is in the beta testing phase per last I visited the forum in early January

It had a thread here, but I can’t find it anymore. Demo from what I remember has the MC being a secret nighttime monster hunter, and job-worker by day and has one part of saving a person from monsters that spawned at night. I definitely do remember that the cover art used was a girl in a skirt holding a bloody sword and has a skirt on. Her clothes are probably black and her hairstyle has twintails?
I think the title had ‘blood’ or something in it.

I think It is https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/blood-hunter-crimson-oath-update-14-01-dec-2019/32594

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That’s the one, thanks!

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@Earl_Le_Vert keep in mind, author recently stopped working on it do to them not liking how the story would’ve ended, i dont know if they’ll ever get back on it or not

Please help it’s about a game where we are a native singaporean who lives in New York with our ex then have to leave back home to visit our family for the Christmas.

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