Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

The first, I believe is Retribution - From the Ashes (linking the demo) and the tumblr is here. It is currently on hiatus.

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Thank you guys

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Looking for a wip about about being the child of villain parents were you get caught by heroes while you and your best friend are on mission for your parents and sent to a remote reform school for kids with powers.

That might be my (very old) WiP? :sweat_smile: It’s not exactly right, as the MC wasn’t the child of villains, just raised by them, but the rest fits. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be continuing with it in this format, but at the same time, I’m not really sure what format really fits.


I’m thinking it is something else, though I couldn’t find it when I was looking. I believe your supervillain parents were captured, which is why you went to the reforming school, and there was some stuff related to that (I’m thinking there was some sort of court scene? and maybe something where you were talking with one of them while they were in prison?). I think there was some tension with some classmates and/or teachers due to your parents. Either way what they described definitely exists/existed in some fashion, as I remember what they described with certainty (other things being more nebulous and possibly mixing some WIPs).

I think you’re looking for this one

Unfortunately according to the writer’s tumblr it’s cancelled.

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I was thinking that was it. I totally forgot she had a post here regarding it, and since I had only looked at her tumblr I didn’t have any sort of synopsis to check. Since the demo has been down for a while I couldn’t check via it and didn’t want to possibly be wrong in saying it, especially since I was pretty sure it was ChoiceScript (there was a longer version on Twine that she had taken down) :slight_smile:

It was indeed villain the catalyst, thank your assistance lo6otia, weissewoelfin, and parrotwatcher.

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It’s driving me crazy, but I have been looking for a specific one of your titles, but I sadly can’t remember the title.

I played it long time ago, but I remember the story rather well. The protagonist ends up getting jumped by these supernatural beings in the beginning of the story when they were searching a building. You end up becoming a part of their group, like something out of Leverage. I remember the one female character is a snarky bad ass and doesn’t like you at first. The one male love interest is name either David or Daniel (I think.)

Sorry if this all sounds jumbled, but it’s been a long time since I read it, so some of it might be a bit mixed up.

Hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.

I remember it was very well written, and the choice of love interests were amazing. It’s not any of the Masquerade ones, or Werewolves.

I really want to find this one and reread it. It was my favorite.

Edit: Found it. Turns out it’s Wayhaven Chronicles.


There was a WIP setting in a medieval fantasy where supposedly the moon became a demon and had to be sealed away by the sun thousands of years ago. You’re a small town nobody that breaks into the office of the town guard with a friend to see a sword. It’s supposedly a holy weapon and shines in the hands of your friend but burns you. Not to ramble too long but it turns out that the old story isn’t necessarily true and your the favored person/chosen one of the moon and your forced to escape town as the Saint who the sword belongs to murders your mother and tries to do the same to you but before that they try to recruit your friend because they might be the chosen one of the sun? That was where the demo left off but it’s much more involved, if only I could remember it’s name I’m dying to know what happens next.

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Maybe Song of the Fallen?


Its aetherian spell academy dead or on hitaus?

So there was this game with fantasy races and I can’t remember the name.

I think you started off adopted by a lovely couple as a baby and you got chores which involves collecting eggs, and you can get a horse from your uncle who visits on your birthday, its got dragons and like some kind of school that involves the dragons? And when you get older you have to clean the house of a neighbor who had left due to some unpleasantness?

Sorry this is rambly I wrote stuff as I remembered it.

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It might be this one.

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You had the power to duplicate yourself and it was like white,black, or grey. And you could mentor 1of 3kids. One could control her hair, one I think could like turn to goo and the other had like acid blood(idk bout that one).

Mind games : obsession

Okay so I found this WIP when I’m sick…so my memories of it may be blurry but here we go
So the story is about a world where police department is abolished in around 2013-2014!? And my MC is a hired security guy and he likes to steal from people’s home and vehicle on one night in one of his “operation” the owner almost caught him but he hides under the car but my mc succeed in getting the laptop during the day he opens it and look up some video in it and apparently the owner is a serial killer… anyone can tell me the name of the WIP?

Been looking for a while, now. It’s a couple(ish?) years old, and even longer that when I last played, but I remember that our MC was an… off-the-tables journalist whose real work was unmasking heroes and villains? Pretty sure there was some sort of ex-wife or ex-husband in it, too. And a shady nightclub which name was something along the lines of Cat Noir (?).

I’m pretty sure it was literally called Unmasked.

Was I right with this?


That’s the one! Thanks very much! For some reason The Hero Unmasked! kept popping up whenever I tried searching, heh.

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