Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I’m really sorry about answering after so long, I had some things in real life to catch up to - but yes, this is it! :’) I’m gonna replay it this instant, thank you so much.


Crap. I can’t remember the game and I can’t remember if I’m tracking the thread :rofl:

I think this is a fairly recent WiP.

The premise is that you’re a hero who’s gone undercover to infiltrate a secret society. I believe one of the members of this society was called Jackalope (?), another fought the MC after they make it through the trapped door, and the third member was the silent tech genius. The leader was called Leviathan I think.

Much appreciated. Thanks.


I’d say Superhero Secret Agent - WIP Ch. 1-5 but the names don’t quite match. :thinking:


That’s the one! Thanks! :tada:

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Oi guys (Most likely I know this, but too lazy to confirm myself, when I have you crazy wonderful people (lol wonderfools?!? just kidding) to help me…

MC has powers (most likely shadow manipulation powers) (maybe has a friend with powers too) and they’re taken to a (prison actually) power training academy (I think),there will be groups like villains (villains kids) herod, vigilantes and everyone have to wear a bracelet thar tracks their powers (but in actuality they slowly decrease their powers) and MC group investigates a lost (completely disappeared) kid from the academy…
Then there’ll be attack on the prison aka academy and they’ll escape and goes to a cave or something…

I probably mixed two different WiP…

It sounds like Villain: The Catalyst to me, but it was moved to itch.io then put onto hiatus as far as I’m aware.


Damn, so many of these are moving there…

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Yeah :frowning:
Looks like the demo for it still works on Dashingdon though!

Oi guys lol need help again

MC and their childhood close friend who’s VERY shy,got captured and tortured, friend got shield powers or something (MC probably got nothing) and they’re rescued (MC loses consciousness) and the rescuers will tell them that they and few other have to help them save the world (from some kind of magic users, maybe)… Explains as some pillars and
sɥᴉt… They’ll say that they’ll train MC and friend along with the other selected… One the other selected is a shameless crazy flirt

This WiP MC is an elemental who can control all four elements and drainlife force… (Lol probably enough said)

Some crazy group of humAns will try to kill MC cause they’re an elemental and can’t have godly powers :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat: and kills the fellow orphan when both of 'em coming from MCs B’Day (drinking) celebrations…

WiP last time ended with a fellow student who’s also an elemental who can drain life force in that elemental training academy and kills some rebel women by draining the life in elemental HQ or something after bombing there and MC finds the ones that tried to kill 'em in a jail cell in that HQ…

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Its probably
This. Elementals (WIP) Update! 18/6/19

Sounds like this one?

hey, could you guys help me find this WIP?
I remember you could choose the MC’s origin story (the one I remember was being raised by wolves)
then the MC was “adopted” by some kind of band or something like that

(I apologize for my bad english)

Is it this?

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that is! thanks friend!


Both are correct :smiling_imp::smile_cat::smirk_cat:


I remember playing a demo a several years ago. The PC is a soul eater or death mage something like that. Basically they can absorb the life force of anyone the come into contact with. They discover said ability in gym class I think. Please help me find it?

Ok, so there’s this one game where you and your sister are demon hunters and you’re hunting down this one demon in an abandoned laundromat when you and your sister get captured, sister manages to get away but MC nearly dies and then is saved by a group of 6 (?) supernaturals and I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s it called.

Sounds like this! It’s currently on indefinite hiatus though.



Is this?!?