Fallen Hero poll (for further planning)

For my research, I am curious about what choices you made during your CANON run of Fallen Hero. Yes, a single run.Also, where you see your MC aiming towards.

My MC romanced:

  • Ortega (with MC)
  • Ortega (with puppet)
  • Dr. Mortum
  • Ortega (with MC) & Ortega (with puppet)
  • Ortega (with MC) & Dr. Mortum
  • No romance

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My villain look is:

  • Mysterious
  • Imposing
  • Terrifying
  • Functional

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My powerset is:

  • Telepathy/Speed
  • Telepathy/Strength
  • Telepathy/Armor
  • Speed/Strength
  • Speed/Armor
  • Armor/Strength

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My MC’s motivation was:

  • I want revenge
  • I’ve had enough being stepped on
  • I want a good life
  • I need to show the world the truth
  • It all seems inevitable

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In the future I see my MC:

  • Finding some sort of redemption
  • Running a criminal organization
  • Beating all the heroes and laugh about it
  • Trying to bring down the goverment
  • Running Los Diablos behind the scenes
  • Go out with the biggest bang
  • Bringing down the Rangers and rub their faces in it
  • Convince the heroes to switch sides
  • Find all the dirty secrets of my past and expose them
  • Be a successful master thief
  • Terrorize the city and the people in it
  • Kill everything
  • Just try to have a good life and be happy

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I am just wondering, could there be one more option ?

To force the Rangers and future Heroes to step up their games for future crisis :slight_smile:

I try to role-play my MC’s real intention is to make Rangers and Heroes realise how vulnerable they are as compare to the “New” breed of super-humans, especially the Re-Genes … the invasion to Lady Argent’s mind , the beating of both Ortega and Herald were to show them these are the new threat they will be facing in near future, they can’t be so naive to think their power is sufficient …

So i beat them down , without landing the finishing blow … give them time to breath and force them to find a counter measure for threats like these , the day when Rangers beat me will be the day i can entrust LA to their care :wink:


Hmm My main character used the imposing suit though I think mysterious might be the canon one, cause it fits the theme of the game more.

I used the speed/strength powers, speed cause I like a fast acrobat type of character and strength cause this upgrade is pretty beast and could be very useful against people like Steel or Argent.
My telepathy was strong enough so I didn’t need the boosters and I preferred to avoid showing myself as a telepath in the villain form anyway.

As for the motivation/future, my goal is to show the world the truth of the farm and eventually destroy them and take down the evil government as well. I’d like to have the rangers join me in the rebellion against the government. I also don’t like being evil and I didn’t kill anybody so far (and had a pretty high empathy stat as well) so I’d probably be more of an anti-hero than a villain.

My character is pretty conflicted in the whole Puppet matter, my main character is a guy while the puppet is female and romanced Dr.Mortum. She started to be more and more of a person instead of a puppet and she has different feelings compared to my MC (my MC loves Ortega but the puppet sees Ortega as a friend). My MC is more comfortable at the puppet body than their own body too, but they don’t like losing their telepathy as it could be useful.


Kinda wanna blow stuff up, kinda wanna help the Rangers. Kinda wanna kiss Ortega, kinda wanna punch them in the face for trusting me. Is it wrong I feel like the Rangers are really horrible at their job and can a short-term objective for the MC be to train them up a bit so they’re more of a challenge? I mean long-term goal is still that I really wanna go the whole viva revolution route on the special directive, but it’s something I feel like my MC would do despite their plans for the future .


I would like it if the reason for becoming a villain was explored more, and i would prefer not to be so emotional.

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I’d like my MC to be able to run a criminal organization, maybe come into conflict with Halloground and maybe some opportunities to design gear. I need another cape after Lady Argent stole it >.>


You might be on to something here! I never really considered that angle before… takes notes


Damn,except the I want a good life part,I choose all the most popular choice.Seems I’m painfully average :joy:

long ass post

Well, I play him as someone with undiagnosed depersonalization-derealization disorder and borderline psychopathy, which means he’s not a full blown psychopath, but has the perfect amount to be successful at what he does while not getting caught. Sprinkled with psychopathy, one could say.

MC isn’t currently romancing anyone, but has flirted with both ROs while in the puppet’s body. Mortum is fun, Ortega is a little more complicated than that. MC’s been crushing hard on the guy since forever, but has never said anything out of fear. The fact that Ortega finds his female puppet atractive doesn’t help either. Yes, obvious unrequited love cliche is obvious, but the amount of angst… I want to bath in it.

He wants to uncover the truth, burn every conspirator to the ground. Doesn’t actively hunt bystanders, but thinks if they get killed it was destiny or whatever, not his fault --on a sidenote, I really like how MC writes off the killing of civilians by saying no one gets to be that rich without blood on their hands; that was a nice touch, @malinryden: MC cares about what they are doing and deep down regrets it, but needs to tell themself it was necessary. Really well done.

I got The Outsider achievement, which I feel fits the path I’m on. Something got inside him after the HB incident and he hasn’t feel entirely there since then. His worst nightmare is waking up one day to realize that everything was a dream and that he’s still trapped in the Farm. That’s why seeing Ortega again is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, his feelings of not existing have redoubled; on the other, mustache. There’s no way his mind would have come up with something so weird. So the mustache is here to stay, if only to remind him that he’s real.

I chose the terrifying armor because I headcanon it as looking lovecraftian-ish, which again, fits my playthrough.

For coming books, I hope Ortega will hold tight on being a proper hero --being turn off by our rampage, the torture of one of his friends, etc–, but understanding that there’s something rotten going on behind the scenes. Something like “cool motive, still murder”, get it? I don’t want them flip flopping between doing the right thing and forgiving MC at the drop of a hat because love. I think they have a strong moral code and that’s something I really like about the character.

About the other characters, I like them all, they feel real and are interesting. That being said, kicking their asses is strangely therapeutic. It’s like some sort of vicarious glee, since MC despices Herald’s guts --even if I’m ok with the kid–, and wants to grind Steel to the ground --that I’m looking forward to, not that I don’t like him, it just feels like it has to happen. And it will be fun.

I think that’s it. Great game :smiley:


Just wondering but… is going out with the biggest bang something that has to be an exclusive ending? What I mean to say is that maybe they can expose the truth or convince heroes to switch sides while going out in a blaze of flames. Obviously, this wouldn’t work with some endings (I don’t think living a happy life and going out with a bang quite coincide), but I think given how depressed fatalistic the MC has the option to be, sacrificing themselves to ultimately achieve their goals is something I could see them doing.


This is just me seeing what people see their MC as, not necessarily things that will happen. It’s just a little inspiration to see what people are up to.


That’s fair. I guess i was taking endings bit of the poll a little too literally.

Could you provide some images of what you imagined the suits looked like? I can’t picture them properly. Since most of what I imagine would definetly be form fitting enough to give away your biological sex (e.g. upside down triangle shape is more male looking)

Example, I imagine the mysterious suit looking like kylo rens robes, with black smoke billowing from them and a mirrored helmet. I can’t help picturing the terror suit looking like the mass effect collector armor.

I have tried to avoid doing that, because I don’t want to give the impression that there is a canon look, just as there is no canon look to the the people.


I sort of played my MC as a character swept up with the flow of what’s going on. I never felt like I knew why my character fell to villainy, only that he felt conflicted and compelled to at the same time. This sort of ended up with me playing an intelligent schemer with a heavy battle fever who loses to emotions too often. Thus, I had him try to fight the ReGene, get into a conflicted love triangle with his puppet and Ortega, as well as wholeheartedly throw himself into battle with the heroes despite how he feels afterward about their injuries.

I picture this lending itself well to redemption or a tragic end. Either way, the reveal should be explosive, in my opinion.

Indeed, my mc’s main motivation is revenge, but he figures a part of that is humiliating the current government by exposing them for who and what they are and rubbing the people’s and the media’s noses in it.
To that end it would be quite the feat and also hilarious if my mc could make an appearance, in person or otherwise on the Colbert and Letterman equivalents of this world.

My mc would rather convince the public to accept re-gene and AI rights by showing both as still fundamentally “human” and fundamentally shouldn’t be feared more or less or treated worse than “natural born” humans. He just uses super-villainous methods to go at otherwise noble goals, mostly because whenever he tried something as a “hero” his only option was failure because the “heroes” are or have become a necessary part to perpetuating the system and “feeding the man”.

No romance, mostly because despite his better judgement a certain brat is on the way to stealing his heart, or at least inflaming his lust and passion, so I guess my mc is holding out for a hero Herald. :sweat_smile:
And, yes, I’m aware his villainous persona may just have crippled said brat, but well…it’s gonna be complicated.
Puppet is with dr. Mortem though I won’t count it on the romance poll, since in my playthrough I’m taking it slow and they’ve yet to actually come up for “hot coffee”. :wink:


Is it possible to feud with the underground villains as well ? Book 1 show that government supported Rangers was no match for the MC and lots of demolition had been done…

Could Book 2 also showcase what government couldn’t do … that is to take on a vendetta to the underground world , destroying their operation as well…

I suppose that is a betrayal to Dr Mortum too… and eventually leading all ROs hating the MC ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@idonotlikeusernames , i think revenge is a good motive… but my MC would do it similar like what Jason Bourne did… hates the government operators but patriot to the country ( or LA city in this case ? )

well… in Jason Bourne style , my MC still maintain some sort of ideal within himself, he will continue to “help” and “motivates” the government to improve themselves in his own “methods” , he might not like the government , but want to remain as a patriot of the city :wink:


Rooting out the underworld, or at least its worst elements may become necessary if we play a mc who really does want to present a credible alternative to the present government and/or carve out their own state on the new West Coast. So doing what the current government never could or would might fit in such a strategy.

That’s likely the difference between your mc and mine, mine would like to see the current government fall (so he might be able to engineer a replacement, at least on the new West Coast) and is not necessarily a “patriot”.

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Could there be a opition for i just want the power it brings a extension of master theif we steal to upgrade our suit

I’ve gone over some of this stuff in previous topics for this game, so I guess I’ll be repeating myself a bit. Wall of text warning.

Character and Theme Analysis

I feel like the initial narrative touched on themes such as isolation and loneliness, gender identity, objectification(including denial of autonomy, trauma, abandonment, loss, self hatred, shame, and social rejection.

When I think about the MC’s motivations, I interpret the MC as having been repeatedly victimized and having their very personhood been violated for most of their life; now they are bitter, angry, disillusioned, and driven to carry out a revenge fantasy regardless of the collateral damage that they may cause. After all, no one cared when they had their freedom taken away from them again, and had to escape through their own means.

Ortega an interruption to the MC’s tunnel vision by firstly refuting the MC’s idea that no one cares about them, and secondly by being a face to those who will be harmed by the MC’s actions. The collateral damage is no longer faceless, and by hurting someone who doesn’t necessarily deserve it–since Ortega is portrayed as someone who believes unconditionally in the MC—the MC has to deal with conflict over being a hypocrite.

My headcanon was that the MC did have more telepathic potential prior to the Heartbreak, but their abilities were limited by their idealistic moral values. These were values that they had to voluntarily betray in order to survive their last capture.

I don’t what the MC may have expected from becoming a hero in the public eye. The story hints at wanting acceptance, while also fearing rejection for what they are. I suppose they feel disillusioned that despite all their sacrifices and people they knew, no one came to save them or topple the people who caused them so much pain.

In Victor Frankl’s Man Search for Meaning, there was a scene, I recall, where one of Frankl’s concentration camp mates, after their release, runs through a patch of flowers trampling them in the process. Frankl makes a comment about the fragility of the flowers and brutalism in the act, and his prison mate replies essentially that he doesn’t care about the flowers considering what he has been through. Similarly, the MC may be projecting onto their victims through terrorizing the public with their villain persona. One way to communicate the pain one has gone through is to cause pain to the other party. And this sort of behavior perpetuates a cycle of trauma and revenge.

I feel like that a “happy” ending for the MC that wouldn’t feel cheap requires airing the MCs deepest fears and hurt, which would require them being in a position where they would be comfortable enough to be so vulnerable. No one, fictional or real likes being in that sort of position. Most people in real life can’t relate or don’t want to think about the negative realities and tragedies that make up the lives of other people. Realistically, people don’t just “get over” marginalization and dehumanization.

The world can be unfair, and people get screwed over by other people. What does justice mean to the MC now that they’ve made their heel turn? How will they respond to those that disagree with their methods or motivation? Can they live happily, peacefully, with what they’ve done, the people they have used(considering they are an empath), and the person they’ve become?

Okay, Im done for now. Thanks for reading. The story can go in whatever direction and appeal to a different variety of audience, but I wanted to bring up these things I picked up and wondered about.