Fallen Hero poll (for further planning)


I actually romanced Ortega with the MC because it meant more, there were real feelings there. I also had my puppet date Mortum, while I like Mortum, I felt if she were going to try to use me, I would try to use her. I know she’s got some sort of ulterior motive.

My MC also wants to reveal the truth, and turn Ortega and maybe Herald to her side because of the truth of the government in the game.


Mysterious Suit: Reven Styled from The Old Republic-Era.
Imposing Suit: Armor of the Legion from DAO.
Functional Suit: The Chinese Stealth Armor from Fallout but with metal padding and more of a light grey tint.
Terrifying Suit: H.P Lovecraft’s Love’s wank.


My MC isn’t really sure why she’s doing what she’s doing, all she knows is that it feels right, it feels good, this is the only path that makes sense. She definitely has a strong case of anti-social personality disorder going.

For the suit I chose imposing with a cape, with the strength and speed upgrades. The purpose of the suit was to make her able to go toe-to-toe with superhuman opponents, hence why she wanted to improve her physical capabilities. It’s all part of a power trip, to make her feel strong and powerful and unstoppable. She’s a tactician and so she knows the value of her telepathy and wants to keep it hidden as a secret advantage.

Romance is… complicated. She’s flirting with Dr. Mortum, because she enjoys it, but mostly to manipulate him. Back in the days, Ortega was her friend, her only friend, or at least the closest thing she’s ever had to one. When he started flirting with her puppet, it made her feel emotions she’s never felt before. She flirted back, because she missed him, and she wanted to be close to him again, but as she continued romancing him, she realized that she was actually falling in love with him, maybe part of her had always loved him, she didn’t want him to just love a puppet, she wanted him to love her. And so, against every rational instinct, she nervously started her quest to romance him as herself…

Actually, complicated might be putting it lightly. She hates everyone, including Ortega, and including herself. But she also loves him. Parts of her wants him to fear her, while another part just wants him to love her. Crushing Ortega and breaking his bones felt so satisfying, but then seeing him at the hospital… She’s also in a love triangle of her own creation, and she’s going to continue romancing Ortega from both direction, tormenting both him and herself in the process, until he makes a decision, and he better choose right…

As an aside, I imagine that, while she takes great pleasure in beating up Ortega and making him suffer, if at any point any other villain were to hurt Ortega she’d mercilessly hunt them down and make them regret ever laying a hand on him. :stuck_out_tongue:


Akira is doing things because she feels this is the lesser of evils. Given that the shady side of the government is doing obviously bad things, who else is going to hold them accountable? If she has to become a monster to fight monsters, it’s a price she’s willing to pay since the hero in her never really left HAHA. Honestly I doubt she can be a full fledged villain if villainy is doing things for the evulz. She has good/heroic leaning motivations but the ways she tries to achieve it is definitely less than heroic, if not outright on the darker side of grey.

Definitely though she wants to still be the hero she knows she can be but given the state of things she’s rather worried that she feels that side of her is slipping away. She’s still trying to hold on and is hoping to make things right, and if she’s too far gone, maybe a chance at redemption

Of course, this is also a very personal decision. I mean, given what she’s suffered I don’t doubt that a big motivation is also revenge and making they don’t come after her or anyone else for that matter. Honestly, if she had her way, she’d like a quiet retirement and live the rest of her life away from all the trouble but alas. That’s not what the universe had in store for her :))

Romance wise, she’s very much still in love with Ortega but believes that it’s very much not going to happen. On one hand, why would he want her? In her mind, she’s done so much morally grey things that if Ortega knew what she’s done and who she’s becoming, he’d be repulsed. On the other hand, she can’t help how she feels about him and frankly he’ll always be that “weakness” of hers – like if trouble comes following Ortega, she’s willing to risk her cover to save him

Suit wise, she’s banking on boosting her telepathy powers – after all that’s always been the ace up her sleeve – and making good on her speed. You can’t hurt what you can’t hit after all, and if all else fails, she can run away. What’s important to her is that she stays alive since how can you finish your goals when you’re dead :))

As an aside, that’s why she robbed the museum. She needed the capital to get things running


Gaze not long into the abyss for the abyss gazes into you.
He who fights monsters…etc…etc…etc…


The Heartbreak incident heavily implies that bit of sage advice comes far too late for the mc, for the abyss has already longingly gazed into them.

Not to mention that if the mc is a re-gene they have pretty much been created to be a monster.


I think it would be interesting if in Book 2 the Dr found out they took the mc/puppet’s virginity.


I’m on my road to pushing MCs and Ortega’s relationship into dirt. Seems fun. Feels nice.

The main motive is of course to gain full picture of MC’s background but it’s more of my goal as a player than protagonist’s choice.

Hope we will get an option to kill a few civilians now and then to maintain true villain facade. I wonder if the number of deaths is being counted. So if we ever get caught, the punishment would be according to that number.

And holy shit, crippled Herald’s scene is one of my favourites. It has to come to some sort of resolve.


man I guess I picked the most popular route. here I thought I was special.


Something tells me there will no unbeaten paths by the time the next game comes around. I already have playthroughs planned for the Mortum and Ortega alone. I havent even gotten to woeing Argent and Herald yet…


Yeah the reven style seems much closer since the description mentions armor plates. Ofcourse it would have to have some sort of shadow effect (like Dormin in Shadow of the collosus).

Armor of the legion does not seem close enough. Maybe the Terminus armor from Mass Effect is a better visual.

How about this for functional?

Still can’t put a visual to terror lol.


We should have an option to confront(and destroy) the specific government program that is ruining the MCs life, not necessarily the entire government.


For the functional I was thinking Arkham Knight for mine.


:thinking:I dunno. Isn’t functional supposed to just look boring without any extra ornamentation? That means no logos, emblems, unnecessary camo patterns and bat ears.

sort of like the standard future soldier armor.

Also it probably shouldn’t be form fitting around the waist and pelvis, that could give a person enough information to ascertain biological sex.


So either Conquerer or maybe Frightening…most likely Conquerer I think since he was trying to conquer Gotham in the game.


Yeah, that certainly looks like a conquerer. Pretty intimidating.

The terror suit description gave me the impression that it was lovecraftian.


I think the imposing suit could look like the Sentinel armor from Dragon Age


That reminds me. Why no projectile weapons(like guns)?

I can understand why the MC wants to fight hand to hand in front of the cameras, but strong projectile weapons are still useful if you do not want to get close enough to be punched out.

Generally, if you have to go hand to hand with the enemy that means you screwed up somehow and the situation is getting desperate.


There was this line in the game (it talked about a sword but I guess projectile weapons would apply too):
You have to admit Dr. Mortum has done a good job: you now look tall and imposing, a proper conqueror ready to take on the world. The helmet has a certain martial feel to it, and you suddenly find yourself wishing for a sword.

But a sword is a stupid idea, as is any weapon that can be taken away. That is why you decided to house the nanovores directly in the glove, sacrificing reach for reliability.


Then mount the projectile weapon to your wrist if that is such a concern, or grip it really tightly. If it has gotten physical you messed up anyway. Just do not mess up.

Most people do not charge at gun fire. And those who will are unlikely to flinch at a few punches and kicks anyway

Ortega came at the MC in a party dress expecting a hand to hand fight. What if the main character had pulled out a gun or a dazzler (to induce epileptic seizure)?