[WIP] Untitled Medieval Fantasy RPG


Notice on title

“Untitled” is just a working name, guys :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:
But, maybe it would make an interesting title? What do you think?

Pre-release Pitch Up List

19 December 2017
2 March 2018
4 March 2018

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New here? Welcome!
Check out the main post below. :point_down:t4:


Main Post

Hello, folks! :wave:t4:
<<Untitled>> is my attempt at reviving that old school CYOA genre that we used to love. However, one thing that icks me about these old action-adventure CYOA books is the lack of exploration of the social aspect of the story.

“Yay, the protag saved the world! How’s life next?”
“I wish I can see how the Chosen One lives their daily life.”
“Oh, so that’s what the High Mages do to kill their leisure time!”
Do these phrases pop up in your mind? Look no more. We’ll see if I can fix that.

In short, my story is a high-medieval fantasy story with RPG elements.
Expect good 'ol classic tropes and cliches, combined with moral choices and monster slashing.
Oh, you might find the story to have a bit flavor of anime too. Expect modern pigtails, polychromatic pigmented humans, inhumanly powerful beings, and massive empires in 13th-century fantasy medieval Europe.

Weird, huh?

I. Title

As you can see, the title is Untitled Medieval Fantasy RPG. Well, that won’t be the actual title. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:

To me, a title should represent the general idea of a story. “Oh, this story is about this! I get it now.”
However, since the story isn’t really shaped up, I decided to go with a simple working title, and <<Untitled>> is what you’ll get for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

But don’t worry! I do have several good-looking, eye-catching titles in mind.
When I feel it’s time to put up a new title, maybe I’ll make a vote where you can pick the most cool-sounding title ever made.

Other than that, the story will combine several genres and tags.

Title: Untitled (working title)
Tags: Science-Fantasy, Action-Adventure, Heroic-Fantasy, Gender-Choice

II. Story

For the story, I’ll leave it to our Narrator.

Welcome, young’un! Welcome.
I will be your guide for today. And before we start our journey, I urge you to sit tight and stay behaved. Hey! Get those dirty feet off the table!

Today, the weather is good. The sun is brilliant white, the sky is clear azure, and the air is cool. Although you might’ve heard about the war somewhere in the south, but don’t worry!
Our Royal Security Force is ready to thwart the threats away. We’re safe here.

As you can see, the capital is busy and bustling with life. Yes, the capital is obviously always been busy, but you might notice something a bit different today. The market filled with colorful antiquities, town criers cry more fervently, and more new faces appear recently.

Yes, the Dawnrise festival is coming soon!
Fellow knights and nobles will participate in the yearly tournament and prove their worthiness. We’ll have arena fight, horse race, archery, and good old jousting. Anyone who comes up on the top will be given a chance to pull the Dawnblade out from the soil and get a big applause from the whole kingdom!

Well, it’s not the real Dawnblade, of course. No one ever pulled the real sword away from the site since, well… thousand years ago.

III. Features

Probably your most favorite section of the thread.
Nerd out!


My WIP will involve a lot of stats, so you might want to know some of them a 'lil bit.

==Basic stats==
Stats that are basic.

  • Strength: How strong you are
  • Dexterity: How dexterous you are
  • Focus (concept): Special points that can be used to make special choices on your adventure. May lead to a secret sequence, hidden content, or badass moment! Or maybe nothing at all.
  • Several other gimmicks like HP, Name, and Gender.

==Attribute stats==
Implies the prowess of your character. Attribute stats are divided into 4 major categories:

  • Melee: Your general experience on close-quarter-combat (CQC)
  • Ranged: Experience on ranged combat
  • Engineering: Your general knowledge of physics and their application
  • Alchemy: Knowledge of alchemy (Bio + Chem + Magic :atom_symbol: :radioactive: ) and their application

Other stats which are under development. I might use them, might be not. But when it is, I’ll let you know loud and clear.

  • Stat A: Leak your stats
  • Stat B: Stamina/2nd HP
  • Stat C: Placeholder stat


The so-called creatures and living beings in the story that are important to the plot.
The ages I listed here are relative to your PC’s age at the first chapter (17), so their age and yours will scale up as the story progresses.

==NPC K==
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Role: In Progress.
Appearance: Dark-violet short hair with a lithe build. Don’t get into her bad side; she’s dangerous.

==NPC R==
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Role: A self-proclaimed adventurer who wants to travel the world.
Appearance: A short guy with short hair. He has a ragtag-like, dry, and rough skin complexion. But don’t worry, he’s a nice guy.

==NPC E==
Gender: Male
Age: 12?
Role: You can notice there’s more behind his innocent look (In Progress).
Appearance: Looks like a young boy with white-blonde hair.

==NPC D==
Gender: Male
Age: 52
Role: Leader of an archaeological expedition group.
Appearance: Bushy mustache that turning grey, a thick robe that begins to wear off, and a large eyeglass.

==NPC H==
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Role: A prince.
Appearance: People know him as a handsome and charming person. Well, he is the only son of the king after all.

==NPC H==
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Role: A sickly king (In Progress).
Appearance: He can’t go out of the bed.

==NPC F==
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Role: A princess (In Progress).
Appearance: Red

==NPC G==
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Role: A princess (In Progress).
Appearance: Blue

And more to be revealed…

==Lore-rich World==
Explore the world of Valena, a world that has been abandoned by her creator. Twice.
Thankfully, using the power of the Light, her people are able to sustain themselves.
Worldbuilding is my specialty c:

==Science-Fantasy Medieval==
Magic and technology in a 13th/14th century of Earth equivalent. Get struck by lightning bolt in full plate armor, ride the first cannon-contraption, and wield the Legendary Hi-Frequency Blade of McGuffin.

==2 Narrators==
A snarky narrator that thinks he holds an important role in the story, and standard run-of-the-mill narrator that loves crafting metaphors and poetic descriptions.

Combat in this game is handled narratively, but your stats will still affect the outcome in various degree. What you wear, what you bring, and who you take in a combat may also matter. And perhaps, your equipment may come in handy in bizarre, unexpected situations.

==Social Interaction==
Memorable encounters, relatable NPCs, quirky characters, and a whole cast of them!
Also, unorthodox quests.
Ah, will you fetch me the…

==Fantasy Characters==
Sentient cosmic being, living tower, Eldritch monsters, and sentient non-human beings. No, no Elves or Dwarves.
Not yet

==Purple proses==
Verses, poems, and sugar-coated bullshittery!
Who doesn’t love them, ey? :wink:
Decode the prose, and unveil the lore that will blow your mind. Or, you know, just ignore them entirely.

IV. Others

There’re some other things I need to tell you before your hype meter explodes.
So, I’m a fan of progression. I love it when a character is put into a distressing situation and able to find their way out of the problem, even turning the situation into their favor. I also like a 'lil bit of realism even though this story is mostly low-fantasy, akin to Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

That being said, there will be some skepticism around the concept of non-binary. NB is not something unknown in my universe, but it is relatively new. People may raise an eye on you, as well as other things that they might see it odd and out of place.
And such level of skepticism is not only on non-binary. There’re also discrimination issues, slavery, and other tags in my universe.

But don’t be discouraged. As I said, I love when a character can find their way out of the problem. Be a non-binary, be a despised vigilante, and prove yourself to the community, the nation, and the world. This also allows me to write scenes that can be emotional, heartwarming, and bittersweet that I can’t have otherwise.

Other than that, you can find reference to alcohol, violence, gore, etc.
Not for the faint of heart!

Contains sensitive topics, alcohol reference, violence, and gore. Can we reach PG-18?

Now that being said, let’s talk about the cool stuff, shall we? :slight_smile:

On certain occasions, I may hold a cameo contest or something where you can design your own quest/encounter/npc. In that case, I might put up a different thread where you can post your ideas there. Or maybe I’ll put a “Decide the Story!” vote where I put some options, and the outcome will affect the plot I’m writing. IDK.

But if I do, I’ll let you know!
And when I held a “write your own encounter” contest, I’d appreciate it if you write it in the ChoiceScript format :"

Other than that, there’re some things that I can’t handle alone. Stuff like stats balancing, continuity, and even typos are too much for me alone!

So throw me any feedback, suggestions, and requests you have. Feel free to post them here or send it via PM. Just click on my pic and then the blue “Message” button

So, are you still here with me?
Thank you!

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Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/2362
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Hey there, this sounds interesting :grin:

It’s always nice to see a return to classic fantasy adventuring. Just arriving in a foreign land and going on quests that fling you to far off places always held a certain kind of allure for me. With the emphasis on the social interactions, that’s a really good take to revamp the genre. Now the nameless peasant who introduces us to the world in the intro won’t just needlessly die or disappear and be forgotten the rest of the game.

I gotta ask though, do we get traveling companions? (Doesn’t have to be human)

Can I reserve this spot too? :wink:


take the hilt of my sword with a smile
so…no morality pressure?..Vergil like it :smiling_imp:


Lots of stats? Be careful with that

If you’ve played Samurai of Hyuga, you’ll know that there’s this stat called attunement and more often than not, I find myself choosing the option to increase attunement instead of what I would actually like to choose

A stat can be good, it gives some sense of progression, achievement and personality but it can in deed get in the way of immersion


now I have some question:

we raise to noble or have a high position?

if we are mercenaries then we can create some sort of group/guild to help us?

maybe it will be good to have theses two stats in only one ( maybe name it telligence or knowledge ) to not have many stat and end up searching ten walkthrough or only having three or four high Stats like the lost heir game


I am having deja vu…


Yes! Action-adventure at its heart!
And hey, some not-so-spoiler spoiler for folks like you :sushing_face: expect rocky mountains, grassy prairies, desert cities, and fallen ruins among all of them

About companions, I’m not really sure for now :thinking:
However, I think I can see how this can work.

And you reserve the spot you already claimed; first come, first serve!

Hey, watch where you point that at! :dagger:

About becoming a noble, I don’t think you’ll rise that high.
But I don’t see why you can’t be a lord of your own land and work to make your village prosperous :innocent:

As for the guild, I already have something in mind for it.

Ey! Who are you telling me how to work on my game!

Naa… just kidding :japanese_goblin:

I don’t really buy the idea of having a stat so general as “knowledge”. In fact, I’ve planned for some scenes where 2 of these stats are actually different, and for good reasons!

Yep, having a high engineering will allow you to assist in a secret project and such, while alchemy will raise your status among those magicians and… you know, what are the difference between alchemy and chemistry?

That, and some basic “crafting” scenes, of course.
Can’t really help it since I come from an engineering background and a Physics nerd :"

Eh hehe, don’t worry. I’ll tread this path with a deliberate delicacy of stride…

I can foresee this problem coming. And since you mentioned it, as an author, I want to say and emphasize this:

About tweaking the stats, there will be statchecks that you might fail, depending on your stats and actions. It’s just unavoidable, I’m afraid. But one way to make failing a statcheck fun experience, I think, is to give you an interesting outcome even though you fail it.

Now I’ve to be creative about it :thinking:

*grabs both shoulder
*stares directly to the eyes

You remember nothing :innocent:


pull out my of the hilt of the sword

hey don’t worry…I will not harm the maker of this magnificent wip…right?

enough for me :grinning:

well then I will have for now faith in your stats


Hey I remem…

szaal see me

…nothing. Absolutely nothing.


what kind of conspirancy is this!?


We must get to the bottom of this!



I think you might want to reword that. :stuck_out_tongue:


nah very sure he meant what you read.

I have to hide my flow


The north remembers! …no? alright.


This sounds interesting hope this gose a long way


No conspiracy, guys. Everything is fine :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:

:tophat: But… it’s fun, right? You’ve to agree with that!
Those guys breed rapidly, and if we don’t keep their number low, we’ll surely be overwhelmed. Even during daylight!

:eyeglasses: But if you feel like that sounds too gory, maybe I can change it to, “evaporate brainless monsters”?

And @Logan3000x, keep those images inside your pocket :japanese_goblin:
(yea, put it under clickable hide details menu, pls?)

Aah… I’m afraid I don’t get the reference :[


Colloquially speaking, ‘blowing someone’ doesn’t mean what you think it does. Blowing them up or apart maybe. The preposition is important.


No way. That’s not the first thing that comes on your mind, is it?

I admit it never occured to me that blowing is… that blowing when writing that. But still.



is a Game of Thrones reference.