[WIP] Untitled Medieval Fantasy RPG



Ok, seems great, but it might be too ambitious. It may take you a while (3-4-years even)


Looking good so far!


If you’ve seen some of the M&B2: Bannerlord trailers then you’ll se that the villages can grow into cities/castles, is that what’s sorta gonna happen?


I am still waiting for them to releasing it. they should have done what Bethesda did with fallout 4 and anoucet the game one month before release.


Yes, this project indeed is a big one.

But what is a WIP if not made with passion and love?
Hopefully, it won’t take that long to write, but I think the most important thing is the progression.

But hey, don’t lose faith in me, yet!
The summary you see :point_up_2:t4: up there is nothing but a scratch on the surface. :tophat: There’s more that I can show you…

Eeh… you see, I’m that kind of person who shies away from tv shows and whatnot…
Yeah. I don’t watch GoT ._.

I think it won’t be as big as a city district or a castle, but none are decided, yet. I mean, no definitive plot are written yet and no code are created. We’re still in a fresh state, here, so why not?


I’d love to see something like you buy some land and build houses/farms and rent them out, slowly the population grows and becomes a ciry. But hey it’s your book/game, you do you!


Pre-release Pitch Up 1

Which side are you?
Preview is subject to change

Hello, everybody :wave:t4:
Wanted to keep you updated on the progression. Right now, I’m playing around with some philosophical concepts such as darkness vs light, human soul, and immortality. You know, the usual stuff.

And also revisiting the prologue to make the writing style consistent.

By the way, I’m… kinda off… about naming convention in the story.
You see, I planned for you to input your own character name instead of selecting from a list of preset name.

Any enlightenment?


I am on the darker side. I can double cross the demon there, right ?


NO NO…please I don’t want this game end like metal gear solid…more long and philosophical conversations that game ( hey I like philosophy but not in excess )

bu how can you do that if you can’t even see the demon?


As someone working on something with themes such as violation, loneliness and the struggle to achieve freedom against the many things that bind us, I approve.


Personally I’d prefer some stat bar which displays your alignment. The opposing type where if one side increases then the other diminishes would be best

But if you manage to somehow doing something comical with the stereotypical light vs dark thing then that’d be great as well. Looking forward to more progress


Um it’s medieval fantasy. Struggling between light and dark is part of it and have nothink to do with metal gear solid


You need no double-crossing if you’re not on the dark side, do you?

But I thought you’re a fan of MGS series :[
Dem 1h cutscenes… mhhmmm :yum:

Don’t worry, though. These philosophical things are available if you’re really into it.

What if I hide the stat altogether?
The only way you can learn if you’re leaning into the darker side is from the narration itself :smiling_imp:

As for the subversion, I’m afraid the story handles this light vs. dark theme rather seriously :frowning_face:
But who knows? I love going comic relief. We’ll see if I can do something interesting :grin:

BTW, as you might notice, I put the original post (the WIP summary) in the 2nd post while the 1st post is reserved as an “announcement board.” I hope this helps you to stay updated with the thread :pray:t4:


What’s the fun in that ? I want cool powers that comes with dark side and wanna play the good guy and double cross the demon.


There are always demons. You are just looking on the wrong side.


DEUS VULT! Nobody epecxt Spanish inquisition.


Is there a neutral path? Though there wouldn’t be too much internal struggle with regards to light vs dark, everyone else would dislike my MC for not siding with them.


I like MGS series but I’m not a fan to long talks and question everything

Jackie Estacado thought that too … and the thing did not end well :pensive:


I’m not sure whether to call it “neutral path”, but be noted that I’m a huge fan of “the third choice”.

If you look closely on the pic I uploaded, you can see on the bottom that the option isn’t just 2


Right on.

Would there be a morality/alignment system in the game?