[WIP] Untitled Medieval Fantasy RPG



if what lord Sithi- I mean Lord @Szaal hints say it will not


Pre-release Pitch Up 2



Oh! This thread is not abandoned :scream: . Well then, will have to spare money for this as well :grin:


What sort of cheats can we expect? :grin:


Leave the title like that.
Ps: where my farm at, mate?


I’m back

Luck overriding, death deviating, and truth revealing.
Pretty much any cheats that suit your needs. :eyeglasses:

Harr, enough enough! :tornado:
The farm is gone.
Here. Take this.
Take anything you like, but no farm!
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As for the others, sorry for the disappearance of my WIP.
I’m still working on it, but I felt that the story isn’t ready to be posted publicly.

But now it is! I’m doing a final sweep to squash any bug I can find, and I’ll be posting the final pitch up soon.

And if you’re new to my WIP thread, welcome!
You might want to read the main post (2nd from top) to get the gist of the story. I’ll be updating that post frequently as I update the WIP.


Any planning on randomized event?


Can you elaborate on what kind of randomized event you’re thinking?

I do have several plans for “little events” such as tofu delivery, super-construction laboring, and daily item-fetching. Not sure I’ll randomize it, tho.

However, I do plan to randomize some little bits of several events whenever I can, such as weather, gold gain (not by a large margin, don’t worry), and… other things. Just for the sake of fun :grinning:


Pre-release Pitch Up 3

Woohoo! Character creation.

Oh, the main post is also updated, too. Check it out for a cool medal at the end.


This is by far the most original double check I have ever seen :scream:


Speaking of checks, I actually concerned with the possibility that the :heavy_check_mark: won’t shows up on certain devices.

I guess we’ll see how it goes, until I get the WIP up.
Note to self: Post a link


Ey, guys. Recently, just recently, something cool crossed my mind and I thought “why not post it?”

If you read the Main Post (2nd from top), there’re 2 Primary Basic Stats: STR and DEX.
Now, the idea is that you can develop your character to your liking – be a brute, be a dex nerd, or be a jack-of-trades – and that idea is still here to stay. However, what’s your opinion if you get a “mandatory specializing” sequence?

It works by, say, having your PC passed a physical test and the game randomly* gives you a boost at either str/dex. It’ll be similar to the other WIPs where you’ll be assigned with a random magical affinity, but in this case, str/dex.

Of course, there’re pros and cons to this, but I’d like to hear your opinion first.

Mandatory Specialization

pros-cons table
Pros Cons
Roleplay Opportunity Customization Restriction
Get the stat you liked Not getting the stat you liked
More diversity in checks Checks may be harder to pass
Hardcore masochistic player may love it Casual reader may hate it
  • Yes! Boost my stats up!
  • Nay. I don’t think that’s a good idea.
  • I’ve a better idea… (explain it below)

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*might be random, might be not. I might put some cool twist to this, too.


Does the demo ends after the prologue?


Yup. Currently, the prologue is the only thing you can play to a full extent.
I’m also currently writing a small part of the chapter1, too. I’ll try to put a good cliffhanger when the link is up :laughing:

But I wonder, why you’re asking, hmm? :eyeglasses:


The link is up folks.
In case you didn’t notice.
:kissing: :notes:


Hello helo, folks :wave:t4:
I’ve just uploaded a substantial update. This update includes:

  1. Rearranged the Main Menu
  2. Increased the compression of the Main Menu image
  3. Added a handful of new paragraphs and reworded some sections of the prologue to smooth out the pacing
  4. Reworked the Result Page
  5. Slight change to the Ending page

However, due to the nature of the update, I’m not going to record this on the update-timeline.

Any questions, let me know.
Yes, I know, there’s nothing of big relevance to the plot in this prologue, but… you know… to keep the threads active :"


In general, randomizing stat increases is bad - it closes off options through something other than player choice.

If you’re going to use randomness, this isn’t the place.


:gear: :hammer_and_wrench: Hiyyah, folks. An update for you, although it’s somewhat smaller than the previous one. Thus, I won’t be recording this update to the timeline (just like the previous update).

I’ve gone through my 2nd (and hopefully, the last) iteration and tested many new mechanics. Although not all of them currently make it to the current update, one of the important things I want to talk about is

Deed mechanism

Deed mechanism records your choices, actions, or decisions that will have a consequence later on, be it a big cons. or a small one.

Say, you decided to agree to help your friend rob a banker house quietly. The system will record this and put it under the Reputation section (on the Result Page) as “You robbed the banker house.”
Later on, you may find that the banker is kicked out due to him doing fraud to the money since you robbed his home. You may have the option to [Tell Him the Truth/Let him Rot in the Jail/Help him but Don’t Tell the Truth] which will lead to different plotlines. Again, this will be recorded by the Deed Mechanism.

These recorded deeds will persist for your entire playthrough under the Reputation Section, and you can review it every time you finish a chapter. Let the guilt of your doings haunt you, or be proud of your actions.

Consider this as mini-achievements.
It’s basically like Dishonored’s notes on the pause menu, IIRC.

Currently, there’s only one recordable deed you can get, which is filling the physical description of your character.

Other than that, this update includes:

  1. Assets for future systems and mechanics
  2. Re-pacing and rewording some parts of the dream sequence and the ship sequence

And while I’m at it, what do you think about the character generation?
Is it too tedious, or it’s quite fun?

Oh, and don’t forget to check both the top post and the main post frequently. I summarized the latest development on them :point_up:t4:


Small note:
By the way, I’ve found numerous bugs this time. Currently fixing it.
So… proceed with your own risk :v

I’d recommend saving your progress right after the wake-up scene :yum:

:rotating_light: :heavy_check_mark: Bug fixed
I finally uploaded the fix for the bugs. There aren’t really that many bugs, but save your progress just in case.