Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

You are probably thinking of Prosperity Station. The author hasn’t said anything since May that I’m aware of, but in May they said it wasn’t abandoned but progress is slow.

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I am indeed, that’s the one.

Oh, that is good news.

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Does anyone know about a really good WiP “The Heir’s Quest” i believe it was the title? it is abandoned?

Guys, any idea what happened with Son of Satan: the mortal coil? Like the last post on tumblr was 2 years ago. Is the author active on discord? Is the game still worked on?


Has the Grave of Heirs been abandoned?

The author announced the hiatus on the WIP’s thread, one year ago.

I haven’t announced a hiatus because I haven’t taken a break, but nor have I had the time and energy to get closer to announcing an update. 2020 was a year. I try to answer questions when I can, but discord is the fastest and least energy consuming way for me to respond. Here or tumblr will be slower. I read and appreciate every comment and message. When I have news, other than ‘I’m working on it’ I will share. Until then, stay safe, and thank you for playing my game.

Edit: I do miss Guenevere, if anyone has news on the WIP or author, please share.


Does anyone know what happen to become mortal ?

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I would want to bring back The Fifth Horsemen: Fear author said they were going on hiatus but no news since last year. Hopefully they’re okay!

I would also want to bring back The Night Hunters: First Blood Unfortunately, this one has been closed off completely

Edit: just read what happened to TFHM:F :frowning:

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I think they started working on another game ( I even read the demo once) after they lost their TFHF progress or something and they will not come back to this story :thinking:

This game looked so cool but the author hasn’t replied in two years so it’s probably dead, anyway I don’t know if anyone mentions this but Mortal Hero Patron of the Gods looked amazing

Unfortunately the author didn’t take the advice to back up their files from what I saw in the thread for that. That’s a shame because I really liked that because of the similarities to Attack on Titan. Maybe someone else will write something like that eventually


There are so many abandoned promising works here. The worst thing is if the author just disappears without saying a word. And it’s unclear what happened. Does the creator have any problems, are they tired of their work, have they run out of ideas? Anything is better than silence. I would be more satisfied with a statement about a dead project than with silence that gives false hopes. I understand that everyone has a real life, but at least to hear something would be nice.

I miss “The Sun Chasers”. I was looking forward to the development of the plot and the interaction with the characters. It looked intriguing.

Does anyone else remember “Ace of Spades”? It feels like this game lit up only for a brief moment and then disappeared. It was a surprise to me. Because this game seemed to be one of the most promising. The narrative style was at the highest level. And I was really interested.


The Goodfellows.

Such good writing, good cast, and a good setting. I was following the development and… silence. Thread locked, and sudden disappearance of author.

Nothing really filled the void it left.


I’m still checking the Ace of Spades’ tumblr from time to time - https://steph-writing.tumblr.com/
No luck so far, last post is from more than a year ago. It’s really a shame - the story, the characters and the writing style were top notch.


Without a doubt From Ashes We Rise. Such an amazing demo and I’m a huge superhero nerd so I loved the influence of Jason Todd and his relationship with Batman, plus his change to Red Hood that inspired that work


Honestly i follow a rule of thumb regarding such hiatuses which is correct in most cases , an year of silence or no progress consider the project dropped.


I find it really unfair and rude to the readers when the author can say they cancel the project but they never do, leaving the fans in the dark wondering what happened. After all, these were public projects, there were people who loved them and waited for some updates and information about progress.


I think this expectation is unfair to writers. It’s a big deal to declare a project dead rather than on hiatus; I bet most writers who’ve left their WIPs for a year or two (or even longer!) still hope to come back and finish them at some point. Most of them are mistaken in that hope, but not all – see Blood for Poppies. And for the few authors that might genuinely come back, it would be a shame if fans discouraged them by pushing for a hard yes-no after a few months of hiatus. If you can’t enjoy partial or unfinished work, or tolerate ambiguity over whether a work will be finished, don’t read WIPs.

Don’t get me wrong: there are WIPs I mourn too, and plenty of works in all media that I would have enjoyed more had they been finished (or finished properly, not in a rush). But calling creators rude or unfair for not formally killing off their dreams for our satisfaction is a level of entitlement I can’t support.


Yes. I understand this perfectly well, but I wanted to say something from the point of view of the reader, whose thoughts on this matter have been bubbling in his head for more than one year. It is not so difficult to write whether work on the project continues at least once a year, but it would greatly brighten up the day. I am sorry if my statement has hurt, offended or discouraged someone from continuing to write. It wasn’t my intention, but I had to at least say something because yesterday was terrible for my emotional state.

I will continue to hope that the author will someday return to their game.


I miss Unwanted Warrior