SoS: The Mortal Coil (WIP)

I have to wonder if taking Laniwynn as a lover will have ramifications sometime along the road. I mean the whole ordeal kinda left a foreboding atmosphere if you did.


We are generally not allowed to ask about updates per forum rules.


There hasn’t been any updates and the author didn’t announce hiatus :confused:


As far as I’m aware, SoS hasn’t received an update in well over a year. Perhaps longer. People keep the thread alive by making posts, expressing their joy or excitement about the game. Sometimes the author pops up to dump more lore and/or answer people’s questions. But as for the status of the game itself, nobody knows except for the Dae-Kalina herself; she keeps saying that she is working in the background, revamping the game.

In these forums, we are not allowed to ask for release dates, updates or pressure the authors in any way. Some people go to Discord or Tumblr for more information, but if she’s not active in those places either then there’s not much we can do. I don’t want to be a pessimist but, with the pandemic raging about, there could be a lot happening that we don’t know. This thread is nowhere near as active as it used to be, even Dae-Kalina herself hasn’t been as communicative as before. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was stuck in development hell, or simply not a priority anymore. Maybe it’s something else. Again, we don’t know.

There are a few other popular games around here that haven’t received an update in years either. Sometimes these things happen. In my humble opinion, it’s a bit foreboding when authors/developers withdraw like this. I hope everything’s alright. That aside, all we can do is wait for news about the future of the game, good or bad.


There’s also a Discord link in the OP. That might be the best place to check for recent news.

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No. He’s less interested in what you may or may not do with the form(s) you choose and more excited by the prospect of you making a choice.

Hablo un poco de español, pero entiendo más de lo que puedo hablar. Entonces, perdóname si no tiene sentido.

Sleeping with a fae or not will flavor conversations later. The magnitude of ramifications is up to your choices, however.

I haven’t announced a hiatus because I haven’t taken a break, but nor have I had the time and energy to get closer to announcing an update. 2020 was a year. I try to answer questions when I can, but discord is the fastest and least energy consuming way for me to respond. Here or tumblr will be slower. I read and appreciate every comment and message. When I have news, other than ‘I’m working on it’ I will share. Until then, stay safe, and thank you for playing my game.


I understand 2020 should be the year nobody talks about and just forgets because it was all over the place lol :sweat_smile:


By the magnitude of ramifications do you mean that depending on how my relationship with Laniwynn was will also play a part in how bad to worse the situation may get?

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Don’t quote me but I think that’s part of it? But I do think (maybe) it’s more on how your Gab conducts themselves during the trial. Like they may be ‘warm’ with Lani but if they are still operating in a way that’s pro-heaven, you feel?

If by situation you refer to the trial, not exactly. The trial only ends one way. It’s like a prophesy in a tragedy; the end is known from the beginning. Ramiel will Fall and you will be marked AROF. How much your character earns that AROF stamp is up to you. Actions taken during the trial will have far-reaching consequence. It will affect your reputation with Heaven, the other angels, and other factions, for starters, but it would spoil the fun if I told you all the effects it will have.


Still loving this game!


I love Michael. Great character.


It sure would, but your remark comes very close to sounding like a demand toward the author. You may want to reconsider your phrasing, otherwise–rather than me replying–posts like that should only be flagged. :thinking:


There’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now :thinking:, I’m not sure if it’s been asked yet :woman_shrugging:, but are one of the fae siblings ROs? :confused:

No, neither of them are ROs. You can, however, have a one night stand with one if you so desire, but that’s it.


I’m glad you’re enjoying him. He tends to evoke strong feelings in people–they either love him or hate him XD

As @QuixquillianParadise said, they are not. There are several opportunities in various flashbacks for Gabriel to engage in dalliances, but none of those are considered full romances.

The official ROs are Sabriel, Michael, and Ramiel out of the characters you’ve met so far in the demo, and of characters yet to come Stephanie, Charleston, Alice, Iain, Zaria, Tom, Iro, Aelius, Karyn, Leo, Tadea and Ryder.

Stephanie and Charleston are restricted to m!Gabriels and Tadea and Tom are restricted to f!Gabriels.


Oh god… for SOME reason I thought Michael wasn’t an option, and I ended up not finishing playing the demo yet after that because I was not in the mood for that type of story… Now I’m suddenly hyped to pick it back up! :rofl:


I did do the one night stand, that’s why I asked :sweat_smile:

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I was really expecting the Fae siblings to be RO’s. It would be interesting to have them RO’s.

Please refer to this specific passage by the author with regards to Fae;