The Cosmic Hand(WIP)

Ok so before I start I want to mention that this is getting closer to a working demo but nowhere near it yet.I I honestly want to put out my foundation for ya’ll to critique and find out if there’s any interest at all. So now settle in for the super long backstory…
In the beginning there was Cosmos…
One mass of chaos forever erupting with unfathomable bursts of energy. It was all linked by one mind. Cosmos.Then it grew bored with itself and began to wonder what else there could be. In this mission of creation Cosmos fathomed Light and Fire. These new existences were not to be underestimated. They mixed and mingled with the powers of Cosmos and thus began the beginning of eternity. So was born from Light, Tiamat and from Fire, Iblis. The most powerful beings in existence only second to Cosmos. Unfortunately it was not enough. They both strived to best each other and in the process, Cosmos. So they began using their powers to further morph the fabric of the universe. Thus began the Empire of Heaven and the Kingdom of Hell. Tiamat and Iblis began amassing armies of Angels and Demons as well as carving out the lands of Heaven and Hell. In an attempt to stop the impending war Cosmos moved both powers to opposite end of the universe. This almost ended the problem but in the end it made it worse. The gap took millennia to bridge but never once did the competing forces falter in their desire for power. It gave them time to amass larger armies and create new aspects of the universe. Throughout this Cosmos was powerless to stop the conflict as it has no power of Destruction only of Creation. In the same way its polar opposites, Tiamat and Iblis, had only the power of Destruction and had to rely on mingling with Cosmos to create. Finally when the two powers met it began an all out war that sent a ripple throughout the whole universe. Neither side budged and eventually Cosmos was was no longer the dominant force in the universe. Cornered by a transparent ceasefire between the two celestial powers it began its brilliant and desperate last gambit to destroy all that it had made. It disappeared. In a moment all the universe stood still in awe. Then it exploded. Every atom was pushed to the very limits of its elasticity as it was forced to accommodate a new force. Magic. The Law of Magic was instated and suddenly all that Heaven and Hell had conquered was in question. it is said that Cosmos left another law ingrained the universe that was never discovered. However this was not all that Cosmos had created. Out of the void came Earth and in its splendor was formed the most natural living representation of chaos. Enter…Adam. Humanity was Cosmos’s final gambit in righting its wrong. Iblis was outraged by this act of defiance against what he saw as the sole right of Hell to rule all of creation and lashed out at the first Human with all his demonic wrath. But Tiamat was clever. He knew he could never hope to outright destroy this new being of Cosmos and so sought to take advantage of it and through it finally destroy Cosmos. As Iblis’s rage came down upon the Adam, Tiamat’s light shielded him from harm. In his naivete the Human saw Tiamat in the form of a protector and God. In a guise of benevolence Tiamat warded off Iblis and his Demonic Army from Earth and fashioned for Adam a counterpart to spend his life with. Eve. So Tiamat began his control over Earth with Humanity under his thumb. Iblis in his treacherous cunning commissioned masses of demons to reach into the hearts of humanity and teach them to destroy themselves. Without resistance the hearts of Humanity fell to evil. Tiamat in response doled out a new order to save Humanity from itself. It was then that religion was built into the minds of Men and began the never ending conflict between Heart and Mind within the all Men.This is how we know the Earth to be today…

Ok so the actually story of your character is this. You are an Angel that has fallen from grace for reasons you cannot understand. As it turns out you are an incarnation of Cosmos and meant to destroy both Heaven and Hell reinstating the power of Cosmos. As you roam the Earth you face many trials in your quest to either…
1.Redeem yourself to Heaven
2.Seek Revenge with the Help of Hell
3.Become a Protector of Humanity
4.Destroy both sides and bring back Cosmos



Alright so update on the storyline! If you choose the path of Hell or Heaven your main objective throughout the story is to begin a quest to destroy the opposing force. However if you choose the path of Cosmos you have 4 storylines you can follow. You can follow the path of the Godslayer(basically means fulfill your prophecy of killing both Ialdabaoth and Iblis thus slaying the Gods and returning Cosmos) or empathize with Iblis or Ialdabaoth and become a God as well. You can also follow in the path of other Fallen Angels and establish your place as a God over a civilization like many mythologies have(i.e the Egyptian and Greek mythologies). Alternately you can become a wandering immortal that travels the Earth all powerful and wise, impervious to the advances of either Heaven or Hell (Btw just so you know, as Cosmos Incarnate your character is immortal and no one can really kill you). Walking this particular path your character acts a bit crazy and funny which is even more awesome because you’re like this super powerful immortal that knows everything but acts slightly crazy.

So for awhile it might seem a bit linear but just until those arcs branch off.

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OMG that premise sounds awesome! Can’t wait for a demo! Will we be meeting archangels along the way?

Thank you so much! I was worried it wouldn’t really sound interesting. Yes you will actually its probably going to be a big part of the story.

This seems like it could be a neat concept for a game, but I feel like you should keep a few things in mind? I’m no expert, so feel free to disregard this completely.

  1. So. . . Tiamat, a semi-malevolent being, is the one who created women? Specifically to control Adam? That’s. . . a bit awkward? If you don’t handle it carefully, it’ll come off as needlessly misogynistic.

  2. The name “Tiamat” actually refers to an ancient Mesopotamian goddess, I think? That’s what I thought of when I first read it, and the male pronouns kind of threw me off.

  3. You have a really broad, epic scope for your story. That’s good! But, in my opinion, you should make sure to have some well-drawn characters to anchor the concept? Make sure it’s not completely abstract, and the reader has a reason to be emotionally invested? I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, this could be super cool! Good luck. I’ll be sure to look at the demo when you post it. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much @Ossifer
Lots of good stuff so let me see if I can answer your points so I can understand the story better myself as well!

  1. OK so I see your point. It was actually based off the story in many religions that the Woman was created as a counterpart to man. And no Tiamat did not create Eve specifically to control Adam. Just to provide a partner so that Humanity could grow and Tiamat gain further control over the Earth.
  2. Yes you’re correct but in this story Tiamat is a male deity. Sorry about that. I might change it but I’ll have to see.
    3.DUUUUUDE! I was worrying about that exact thing since the conception of the story! OK so my plan is to put the character on Earth to interact with Humans and many other Races with looks into how you have progresses on your epic journey now and then with a special event.

Thanks again. This was just what I wanted out of this thread! :slight_smile:

Of course its going to sound interesting! Nobody has written a game about playing as a fallen angel who will go bad or evil yet. I have a question though, will this story take place in modern times?

sounds interesting, what romance options will there be?

I will add a question expanding on @batgirl916

will it be in modern times or an epic exploration through history touching on major events throughout?

I’m a little confused. I thought that neither Tiamat or Iblis could create anything without mingling with Cosmos? So with Cosmos “gone” how was Eve made?


What other races did you have in mind?

Double down on all of @Ossifer’s comments. Also, unless there’s a great reason to turn Tiamat from a feminine oceanic chaos-principle to a masculine heavenly order-principle, can I suggest that Ialdabaoth has more resonance with the Gnostic mythos you just described?

I think they can create…but only on a small scale

Like they cannot destroy a galaxy…but a planet yes

@Mareythu This sounds abousolutely amazing I would love to see a demo of this

@BatGirl916 / @Lobo420
It will be in ancient times and as Lobo said will be touching on some ancient religious mysteries.

Very good question! See Adam is a creature of Cosmos and all Tiamat had to do was mingle with Adams Cosmic energy to create Eve who naturally was imbued with a little Heavenly essence which caused Adam to fall in love.

I’m making a list which I’ll post soon.

Well if Tiamat is a Chaotic principle that’s definitely going to clash since Cosmos is a Chaos principle. Thanks for the help I’ll change it to Ialdabaoth.

Sorry I missed you. You will get a chance to have a romance with any of the available races.

@Marethyu, no worries and great

So we can romance evil or good or even neutral

Indeed. In faaaaaaact I just finished the list of Races. My plan is that you will have a chance at a romance with each race.


Hudiya- Strange slealthy tribe based slinking humanoids(would be human if not for their voodoo). Draw powers of hell infused magic but claim complete independence.

Jinni- Descendants of Demons. Mingled with the spirits of the dead and became bound to the Earth. They forever strive to hinder Angels in all their pursuits.

Sidhe- Offspring of Angels and Demons. Despised and feared by both sides and Humans they have been outcast and built their own culture, society cities in other Dimensions. They have tapped the farthest into Cosmos and magic.

The Old Ones- The Pure Life Essence of the Earth. Mostly observant and wise and reverant. Admired and worshipped by early Human tribes. Mostly appear as great Eagles or Hawks sometimes of fantastic colors that the Human tribes modeled their dress after. Completely nuetral wise and cryptic. It is said as they are the Earth itself they have seen all and know the future.

The Sicarians- A race of beings that manifest themslves physically as wolves most of the time but otherwise are cold winds and the Aurora. An experiment of Heaven with magic and life that got free from Heaven’s grasp.Due to their shapeshifting powers they are often sought out by the most powerful sorcerers to be assassins. Very little else is known about them.