Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Well, I created this thread to have all kinds of art in one place. That includes fanfics as well. In fact, is this topic gets popular, I was thinking editing my first post and make a category of fan arts, fanfics, etc etc, so I can put links to the particular post and then they will not get lost :smiley:


Actually, I would suggest doing that now while the amount of fanart and fanfics are still small and manageable.


that’s a good point. also @Meira_Litch you’re a blessing to this fandom but if you ever need people to help out with things like trawling through a forum thread to collect fanworks of various categories hit me up, i’ve got time and i like making lists


Ao3 is propably a safe bet, it’s where most fanfics are posted anyway (or livejournal) for any fandom, provided that there isn’t any existing site for a specific fandom. Does that make sense? I hope it does. :laughing: :heart:


Ok, so I edited the first post. Now everyone art is there!

Also, @impeccably-stressed, can you tell me how you make text bigger in posts? :sweat_smile:


Could it be an idea to add a brief description to the links, or the creator’s name? It’d be extra work, but it’d make it easier to look through the list for something specific


In case anyone else was curious.

@celtic_rune I agree, it’d be nice to have a wee summary next to them, just so everyone knows what they’re about to click, especially for the NSFW ones.

Also, @Meira_Litch since this is getting to be a repsoitory for fanworks rather than just fanart, how’s about we just rename the topic to Wayhaven Chronicles Fanworks ?


I already had that in mind, but today I have been super busy and I didn’t have much time at all :sweat_smile:

Yep, that is an excellent idea :smiley:


Am well aware for that sort :)) I mean the fandom in general has been quiet-ish if you go to places like tumblr (not as much content churned out as much as a lot of q and a on the official account) so the mood is like where is everything?

People post a lot here but it’s for discussion purposes so creative stuff – like this thread helps – is a bit on the back burner right now? Like metrics wise it’s not as content heavy/inducing as I thought? I mean compare to the Arcana for example where at its peak you had a lot to go through

But to be fair to Sera and everyone else, medium and distribution is different and written works get on the short end of the stick so shrugs

(The current mood: now you have to make the stuff you want to see and have 0 time to do so)


Don’t mind this smoking hot (pun intended) , saxophone playing woman. She is just enjoying her cigarette and the silence (for as far that is possible when one is in a city, no matter how small it may be *couch Wayhaven cough *) mere hours before the detective marched into her and Unit Bravo’s lives, successfully making these kinds of moments sparse.


I know I’ve said this before but I’M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MORGAN and I don’t even like women . You captured her cool detached quietness really well :black_heart::black_heart:

Now I have to make a F!UB playthrough, just to picture M as your Morgan.


I… I… I am at a loss for words… <3

I really hope she sweeps you off your feet. If not you are still a sweetheart!


So, for now I have edited the fanarts in the first post with a short description and the author. Later on I will do the rest of it :slight_smile:


Okay that is one truly badass lookin Morgan


I don’t know if anyone wants personalised fanfics of their MC and their RO. But I was thinking on offering an artistic exchange, and the only thing I can offer is fanfics :joy:

So, if anyone wants, I offer fanfics for fanarts!


And of course, my tablet is broken and I am artistically out of commission. Excuse me while I go sigh melodramatically about my misfortune. XD

In all seriousness, though, this is a cool idea.


My first ever post on this forum, and it’s self indulgent fic. welp.
Have some F!MC/Ava fanfic <3
now lemme just scroll through all these wonderful fanworks here

“It’s nothing.” Dammit, Aerith!

“If you’re sure.” No!

“Yes.” FUCK.

This part made me laugh so hard. I feel you, sis :joy:


I’m here once again sharing my friend’s Wayhaven art. :blush:

Team leader’s special abilities

A would totally do something like this if it means that they can avoid confronting their feelings. :grin:


*jazz-hands* who wants to read some more headcanony not-fic i wrote in a chat then slamdunked straight onto ao3 cause proof-reading is for losers (and for those proper fics i’m still working on… slowly…)

Have Retrograde, a post-canon exploration of the after-effects of the final confrontation, focusing on Keiji’s terrible coping mechanisms and how Ava might step in. It’s set in the AU @SomethingSome and I have going on with two detectives, Tahir and Keiji, because why not.

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