Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


THIS IS BEAUITFUL! I love how you drew Ava and Morgan and your MC is ADORABLE!!


So I kind of adore how F ships… everyone. And then there is F in their relationship path and just.
Erm, so I doodled this real quick.


I love your art. It’s cute.


I posted the F!MC and Mason fanfic. I think you asked me to tag you, @Celtic_Rune.

Let me know what you think of it :smiley:


i did indeed ask you to tag me and i’m vv glad you did because this is some real good shit :ok_hand:


Awww, thank you so much! I’m glad you like it :blush:


So, my tablet is on the fritz. =| And I no longer have a functional scanner. So you get pencil busts as interpreted by a potato-quality cellphone camera.

I only did F!UB, because my dude art still leaves much to be desired, and they’re 1. super quick, maybe 10 minutes a pop, and 2. badly distorted by my camera and the weird angles required to get the pictures to focus.



iknowispelleditwrongi’msorry Also, Farah got the worst of the distortion issues. =/



The top of her head literally refused to focus. I spent more time trying to take an in-focus picture of this sketch than I did drawing the thing! Leave it to A to find a way to be difficult as a doodle.


THEY ARE SO CUTE. I refuse to not stare at them with wibbling eyes.
Still love how you do mouths and facial proportions.



Please Forgive me Bad Taste Detective Club, I Only Have this to Offer

Backgrounds? Whats a background??


ITS SO CUTE I LOVE IT. Please do more!


Eventually I need to do the F!Vamps but I love the boys…


Do the F Vamps. I will love you forever!


Tried drawing Farah but I’m not sure what to think, since it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn anything. :upside_down_face:

Atleast I tried


@Celtic_Rune Hahah it definitely isn’t what I expected but it was safe, consensual and considerate so I support it and you!!! Thanks for tagging me, still! :smiley: Also I like how Keiji was still giving Mason lip up til the act itself lmao.

Can I just say how talented yall are? I love all the art of your OCs and the characters!! AND THE FICS, WHY IS EVERYTHING CUTE??? I’ve been trying to stay away from the official discussion thread so I can be more productive but it’s so hard when yall pump out such great content!

Anyway, I kind of jumped off the wagon this afternoon and got distracted with TWC again and I made some ~aesthetic~ character posters, so here lmao! I also posted them on my tumblr too!






Sorry if you’re tired of seeing the same photos of them lmao it’s just hard to fit plain background photos of my face claims!! :sweat_smile:



What are backgrounds? I certainly don’t know.

They look absolutely adorable~!! And Samir’s hair looks so pretty, he’s such a cutie! <3
(Tahir feels you Samir, Mason’s a menace)


Aah, guys, this is all so amazing!! I’m still in the planning stages for Book Two, but seeing all of your Detectives and the characters just makes me want to jump into writing Book Two straight away, lol :smiley:

I can’t actually express in coherent words how exciting and incredible it is to have people as excited about Wayhaven as I have been for it these past many years!! Seeing all of this is just mind-blowing!


Because of the talk that we had about team beta being werewolves + vampires being unable to swim, I just had to doodle this.

Chibis are cute

I think the picture got slightly squashed but OH WELL! :rofl:

Edit: It’s not compressed or anything. It just looked like it in the preview.


Finally got around posting the fic in Ao3 if anyone prefers it that way

Also I got a req for an Adam!proposal so if anyone wants to add to the list while I’m in the mood go right ahead :>


Ao3 is my heart and soul (Idk if you can actually say that, but I will anyway), thank you for posting there! :heartbeat:


Awww that’s very sweet! But tbh I just want to know where the fandom hangs other than here since I don’t want to clog threads with stories :))

Like Wayhaven is just so much fun? What a wonderful sandbox ovo/